Acoustic Zen Hologram biwire MKII

Can you use these for 3 way speaker? I thought they are only make for 2 way. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Get yourself into

I believe there is a phone number listed. They are very helpful.
Satori Shotgun is for 3 way speakers. Hologram is for 2 way speakers. What speakers are the cables for?
it is revel studio, according to Robert at acoustic zen his hologram II can also be used for 3 way speaker. Need to check it out and find out. thanks again
Did you tell him it was 3-way speaker? Did you tell him it was Revel? Well, whatever Lee says, that's it I guess. He knows what he's talking about...he designed these cables after all. But for me he recommended Satori Shotgun when I said it was for a 3-way design B&W Nautilus 803. Anyway, try both and see which one you like better. FWIW Satori Shotgun is not the same as Satori not only because it is a double run but because he tunes the cables for specific frequencies(according to him).

I haven't tried the HologramII bi-wires, but am very happy with the Satori Shotgun. You can borrow cables from cable company and try. Go to or give them a call at 1-800-fatwyre

Good Luck.
Has anyone given much thought to the Double Barrel cable? The description is a bit confusing, but it sounds like it might be a Satori on top and a Hologram on bottom based on the AWG numbers listed. My amp has two sets of outputs, I'm wondering if I could get the best of both worlds and "roll my own" using a standard pair of each. You might even be able to buy both sets and send them off to Robert to have them reterminated together, if this is indeed what makes up the Double Barrel. Just something I've been thinking about...