Any problems using biwire cbls on single post Spkr

I have single post speaker connections on my Klipsch Chorus II speakers. I am looking to buy a set of AudioQuest Crystal wires that are internal bi-wired with spades. My intentions are to put the 2 positive spades on the positive post and the same way for the negative. The Crystal is a very thick cable, can they be connected this way? Are there any sonic effects in doing it this way, Good/Bad?
Any responses would be greatly appreciated!
I am sure it is will work, but it is less then perfect, why not just get the cables that are best suited for your system? ~Tim
All you have to do is keep the spades on the low frequency end of the biwire, and tighten them under the binding posts. Put banannas on the high frequency portion and push them into the corresponding post.
A single bi-wire pair of those cables are the same cable as the ones terminated for non-biwire. If you combine them the same as the non-biwire version, they should sound the same. Contact Audioquest to see which cables go where.
There is no problem at all. Hook them up and enjoy. Clean the spades periodically for best results.
I've expirimented with audioquest forest in that manner. Although it won't hurt it doesn't yield any sonic benifits.
It will work. Try each cable section to see if it is sonically better. I personally prefer a single wire cable with jumpers on bi-wire speakers.
yes that will work fine I've done the same thing previously