How old are you?

No age is too young or too old. Just general curiosity about the average age of Audiogon members. 

I’ll start. I’m 39.

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I’m 65 and have been pursuing better audio gear for about 20 years.Always loved music but didn’t really know what was out there as far as gear until one day I wandered into a local hi-end audio emporium.  I’ve been hooked ever since even though I don’t have a situation where going for the best of the best would be wise. Nowadays I browse audiogon and US audio mart and sometimes spring for a real deal of slightly older gear in mint condition . Really really have enjoyed hi-Rez streaming and all the music it makes available for a reasonably modest subscription fee. 
60, look 50, feel 30, most days. I did that Teloyears thing last year and my body age was 39!
65 in a few weeks. Feel 45 and look 50 at most. Very strict diet for last 30 years and modest exercise with no unhealthy habits. I never want to be a kid again, love being an adult. Inferiority complex and fearful of everything as a child with an average IQ, despite having the best parents and good middle class lifestyle. As an adult, highly accomplished, now comfortable, happy and grateful (despite my despair over our country’s political domination by incompetents and Marxism among younger generations).
For the past ten years I've wanted to ask this simple question. Greatly appreciate the responses, everyone. I especially enjoyed the stories and insight.

By chance did anyone run the numbers for us to determine the average age of respondents?

Don't worry, I did. We have a sample of 182 data points (pretty good). Outliers are 21 and 88 years of age. Some of the answers were just too cryptic for me to figure out and some didn't answer - which is perfectly okay!

Drum roll, please, on this Christmas Eve Eve...!!!

...61 is the average age from the responses provided so far. Here's the math: 11135/182 = 61.18.

And here's the breakdown by age group:
20-30: 3
30-40: 2
40-50: 15
50-60: 42
60-70: 88
70-80: 27
80-90: 5

I was expecting the average to be a little lower, somewhere around 50. Tallied the numbers a couple of times, but if anyone wants to check, feel free. Curious to see what average you come up with!

Happy Holidays and to a better New Year, Audiogon!