How good REALLY is the Peachtree Grand Integrated?

"Giant killer" is an oft-used term in this hobby of ours. I want to know if what I've heard is true; that Peachtree could not get dealers to stock this piece because they found that this $4500 piece routinely killed their sales of $20,000 systems.

I am considering buying a refurbished unit for $3000 and would like opinions on whether this stacks up to pieces like the Krell Integrated or the NAIT units. Basically, what else should I consider at this price point? Or am I not going to do better unless I spend significantly more dough? Thanks!
In my system it wasn't a giant killer. To my ears it doesn't come close to the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2. I submit the Peachtree 220se is a better value. I actually preferred the sound of the 220se over the Grand Integrated. You should be able to find my earlier post regarding the Grand and 220se.
I have the Peachtree Grand Integrated. I already owned an Audio Research VSi55 tube integrated, but living in Phoenix I wanted something that would run cooler during hot summer months when I didn't want heat from tubes to add to an already warm house so I bought the Peachtree intending to use it during the summer. I loved the sound so much, it has replaced the Audio Research in my main listening room. It runs cool, it sounds superb, and it's built every bit as solid as the Audio Research.

Going in, I expected the tube buffer to be a gimmick, but I actually use it more than I thought I would, when I want to take the edge off of poorly-recorded material.

I've run it through various speakers, and currently have Wilson Benesch Arcs and BMC Purevox and it's great with both.

I've never owned a Naim or Krell, so can't compare for you. I guess the best endorsement, other than that it sounds every bit as nice as the Audio Research, is to say that if something happened to the one I have I would buy another.
Anyone compared PEachtree Grand and Rogue Pharoah?

I've heard the Pharoah and liked it a lot.

I acquired a Bel Canto C5i recently for a very good price. I was considering Rogue Sphinx also and heard both Sphinx and Pharoah. I would consider Pharoah or something similar in teh future.
I listened to the Peachtree Grand at a dealer and was quite impressed considering all that you get for the price. I had actually considered purchasing one to simplifiy my system but then stumbled on to a really good deal on a Vincent sv 237. I will say that in my smallish room I have no need for that much power however if I had a larger room I would give the peachtree serious consideration. Ricred if I remember correctly the Grand that you had was a refurb and had some issues so you returned it?
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Hey fredorama

Did you get the Grand Integrated in the end?
Is it really that good?