How good is the Rowland Concentra Phono Board

How good is the Rowland Concentra Phono Board compared to some of the outboard phono preamps out there?

I always thought it was a very good inboard stage. Possibly only bettered by the inboard phono on the VAC Renaissance preamps, though the Rowland stage will give you more gain for more cartridge flexibility.
I would think you would have to go above the $2K price range on an outboard phono stage to beat it.

I have not compared them to others but have used the phono boards since 2001 with a Benz Glider M2 and Denon DL 103. My sole complaint is that the physical spacing of the inputs precludes some phono cables. Otherwise it's proven highly musical in my system. Recommended.
Well thats interesting, thanks. I was thinking of where it would stand compared to something like the Musical Fidelity phono, I compared this to some pretty serious stuff and it sounded super for the money, I am talking about Vendetta Research, Klyne Phono...these are some of the best I have ever had so...... with the Oracle Primare / Sme 5 / Koetsu combo and definately interesting for sure.......

Please any of you who had made comparisons, totally appreciate any input, thanks....