Jeff Rowland Concentra II Phono Boards Any Good ??

I have a JR Concentra II integrated amp. I also have a Audio Research PH3. Should I uprade my PH3 to the SE status or should I just sell my PH3 and get the phono boards for the Concentra II. Please vinyl audiophiles please give me some badly needed advice, I do not have the chance to audition the JR phono boards in the Concentra, no JR dealer anywhere near me. I have a VPI Aries turntable with JMW Tonearm and a Lyra Helikon Cartridge, speakers are the JM Labs Mini Utopias, Cary CD 306/200 and audience au24 cables throughout. I the phono boards in the JR competitive with outboard phono stages under about $3000.00. Does this phono board make sense with the vinyl set-up that I have, thanks, Gerald.
I went from a Pass Aleph P/Ono combo to using the Concentra I w/ phono and while the sound is different (primarily a little warmer and not quite as fast), I would say that there was no drop off in overall sound quality. So in direct answer to your question, the JRDG phono board is roughly comparable to all but the highest quality outboard phono stages. However, at the level of performance we're talking about, the differences that I gloss over and find unimportant could be critical to your listening enjoyment.