How about those vibrapods under bookshelf speaker

I have a pair of B&W DM 602s resting on a very solid shelf cover with ceramic tile. Would vibrapods help? What would they do to the sound?
stbhorn: would it cost that much to discover for yourself? -cfb
I'd imagine spikes/cones would work better.

I remember reading about hockey pucks under speakers and components in a Stereophile Fine Tunes. At @ 1.00 each you may want to check it out. Good luck.
MY guess is that vibropods may distort your soundstage and weaken the attack of your speaker. Energy would escape, much like setting the speaker directly on carpet. If vibration were a concern spikes probably would be a better solution as mentioned above (killerpiglet).

One more thing, Welcome to the forms. There are a lot of regulars here and sometimes we say the darndest things. Just remember there is no such thing as a dumb question. Except for maybe one or two that I have asked in the past:~).
$36-$48 - Kelly. They aren't very tasty, but they sure are chewy. Stbhorn: Yes they work - if you want a fuller bass/mid bass sound. Don't know if this would be a good thing if the speakers are close to the wall though? For a few $$ you could also try one of the Blue Tack "like" products (sold @ stationary and hardware stores). The light blue product, made by DAP, is a good one that does not stain.
I have number 5 vibrapods under my floorstanding newforms. The pods set on three stacked granite tiles on a wood floor done in vinyl tiling....It was my first attempt at tiling, next time I may try to lay my case the pods work well...they are cheap. I'm now using pods under the roxan and the cd with dr scholls foot rubs on top of the pods contacting the base of the units....and it works...TNT gave me the suggestion for the foot rubs..its not so much this is better than that. Simply a case of this is what I like the sound of best...have fun....
And VR-4s weigh something like 160 lbs. Review was, of course, favorable.

Cfb is, as usual, right on track as well, at $6.00 a pop, try it and report.

The review is for putting the VP's between the low/high boxes ("only" 65 pounds). And as you said, it was favorable. Are there any reviews wich aren't?

KP, there are MANY reviews that aren't favorable and some that even slag the hell out of products. You just have to read audio rags that don't take advertisine. Try taking a look at Bound for Sound, International Audio Review, etc... Sean
Thank you, Sean, I just went to BFS's site and subscribed. Could not find site for the other mag.

I'm tired of the dribble on all these reviews:
'a giant killer'
'you'd have to spend five times as much'
'a bargain at 10 gazillion, but at 5 gazillion it's a steal'
'comparable to mega gazillion thingies'

right... So everyhting is a bargain, and everything is overpriced, if you follow this circular logic.

Does the audio press have ANY credibilty? They sound, almost universally, like pitchmen for the Home Shopping Network.

ah, I feel better, thank you.

KP, Bound For Sound is not like the other audio mags by any means. For one, it is a "labour of love" in that it is not owned or sponsored by any corporate entities. It is also just a "flyer" or "leaflet" type 'zine. No glossy covers or shiny pictures. The results are strictly subjective with little to no measurements done. However, Marty and the other guys WILL pan a product without fear of retribution. After all, they do not have to worry about losing advertising revenue, etc. Only thing is that this somewhat backs them into a corner in terms of manufacturers that are willing to loan them gear for review. Either way, i hope you like it and don't want to cuss me out once you get them. I highly enjoy getting them. That is, when they show up. Sean
I also read that article about the hockey pucks and decided to give a go. To my surprise, the hockey pucks worked under equipment and under speakers. Yes, I had spikes and decided to give this decoupler a try. Its a cheap tweek and really works. When you realize what the puck is made out of you say why didn't I think about using them early in my quest of tweeks. To the person who first tried this I say thank you.

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