Hospital Grade Vs Wattgate

I am making my own Power cords and need some answers as to the Value for Money.
I found a web site that sells hospital grade Plugs, Cables, receptacles etc there top plug (The most expensive) is $14 where as a wattgate will run $18 an up.
Is there something in a hospital plug vs a Maricio/ wattgate.
Is a hospital grade plug better at reducing leakage than a high-end brand name?
The same goes for receptacles.
Thanks for some guidance
Imo, a good commercial grade plug/outlet is fine. You can buy them at Home Depot. I like the Leviton isolated ground outlets (orange).
Believe me most high-end plugs and receptacles are hospital-grade and sound much better than standart hospital grade products. Most of the good ones (Wattgate, Furutech, Oyaide, etc) make a big difference. With these connections you usually get what you pay for.