Hooking up a REL Sub to a preamp that has 1 preout

I am toying with the idea of picking up a REL subwoofer. If my preamp only has one pre out, what are my other options? Are standard pre outs the best connection? Thanks -Darren
REL subs are designed to connect to the power amplifier outputs so it receives the same signal as your main speakers. Preamp connection is not recommended.
I agree with Rhljazz, connect your REL to the amplifier if you want to get the best out of it.
Thanks guys for the response, that clears up my question. So if I had a tube amp that had 4&8 ohm connections, and I was using the 4 ohm, does the sub go on the 4 ohm as well or does it matter?
Check out the rel site..Its been awhile but I think you simply connect to the same taps as the speakers following color codes and one goes to ground..simple
You will hook it up to same taps as the speakers are hooked up to. Yellow to positive on left channel, red to the positive on right channel. Black to ground on either channel. Mine is on left but dont think it matters. If you need any help email me and I will try to help with any questions.
I use two and the advice you have been given is correct. Sumiko has a good set up guide on their site.