Homemade speaker stands

Hi folks,I want to make a pair of speaker stands for a pair of smallish speakers.Does anybody have experience with this? Any suggestions? It's not rocket surgery, as they say, so I should be able to make something.Thanks,David
I've made several pair but I used expensive food grade cutting boards for the base & tops so they weren't cheap.They were however absolutely stunning and sold for 3 times my investment!
So you want super cheap,why bother making you can get any number of wood stands for $50.00...
You want bespoke stands that could probably be sold for double or triple investment?I can lay it out if you do.Let me know..
Thanks for the reply, Freediver,By cutting boards, do you mean a thick 1 or 2 inch laminated chopping block type of thing? If so, they have nice weight.Would you send me a photo?I am not interested in the resale value but something nice looking would be fine. I suspect the $50 wood ones are worth about that!
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There are some nice looking stands on the Esty website.You can get some design ideas or buy some premade to your specs.A couple of the craftsmen offer walnut,maple,oak,etc.
steamboy,yes I used 2.5" thick x 12" x 14" for the bases & 1"x 6"x x 8 " for top plates..Search "Butcher Block Cutting Board"on Ebay & Amazon..Wait till you see some of the pieces are AMAZING..You can get threaded inserts & spike kits online..Home Depot has the center post..Search 4"x4" post..Beautiful Pressure Treated Red Cedar for about $10.00 enough to do the set & they will cut to length..6" long Brass screws & your all set..Sorry no pics.This was several years ago..
Don't use pressure treated lumber for inside a house.
Stack some concrete blocks and wrap them with wood-effect wallpaper.