Home Theatre Software: Insulting?

This may be just me but how often after you seen the "cabon copy" explosion riddled movie trailer and said to yourself "God is this stuff stupid or what" and even worse.

As a music listener how long would we put up with consistently poor quality software that offends our intellect?

Seems to me that the movie industry thinks we are just stupid apes willing to buy anything the Hollywood Marketing guys/gals can regurgitate at us. Seriously, think about this next time you see a totally pointless plot but with your rerun "Take" 865.95 of bombs and flashes.

On the other hand where would Casablanca or Citizen Kane be without that great 7.1 sound :)?

I saw a bumper sticker a few years ago that read: "The more you know the less you need" . In the case of movies, maybe another sticker could read "The more you think the less you are willing spend in front of the screen watching carbon copies". Once in a while it is fun to watch a good boom boom if there is something to fill the space between the boom boomies such as Saving Private Ryan.

I am probably missing something here but why is home theatre worth ten's of thousands of dollars of our discretionary income?

Maybe that old song "In the year 2525 we will not need our minds, will not need our eyes...." was overly kind with respect to the date.

Funny, I was probably one of the few people who thought that "Private Ryan" SUCKED!!! (Please, don't take this as an insult to the men who sacrificed more than we will EVER be able to comprehend!) Typical Hollywood schlock, predictable scene climaxes, tugging of heart strings in a manipulative way (no style or panache), and the MAJOR problem...TOO LONG!!! (Hey, have you heard what the latest Tom Hank's movie is about...it's about 3 hours long!) What does Tom Hanks have for a contract, a minimum movie length of 3 hours? Especially since the last 2 hours of "Private Ryan" was filler when compared with the first hour! And sorry, I don't think that 1 hour of beach landing scenes shot in 8 or 16 mm. "jerky cam" is art...it's just a boring excess! The strongest, yet subtlest, scene is the one where the G.I.'s were playing "dog-tag poker" with the column of battered and disillusioned troops marching by while staring on with disgust. Sorry to go on, but I HATE a bad movie masquerading as a good one, due to a heroic theme. Considering that many movies use market research testing for endings or character development, is it any wonder that many are commercial pieces of fluff? Let's not forget about the megabuck advertising campaigns, either. Does anyone REALLY believe that "Titanic" was the best picture of the year?
The sad reality is that, for a substantial portion of the American public, crap is now the acceptable norm. One of my favorite entertainers was Steve Allen, a true Renaissance guy, who some years ago wrote a book about the "dumbing down" of America. What is happening in the American movie industry is but the unfortunate reflection of a poorly educated (in the full sense of the term) and relatively uncultured American population. The barbarians are no longer at the gate -- they now represent a significant influence in the U.S. population. Is it any wonder that the Islamic countries worry about cultural decay due to American influences?
LOL, I was only, tongue in cheek, trying to think of a boom boom recent movie on the fly that was a slight cut above Rambo. Dumbing down and fatting out (a national crisis to the Human Services Secretary) seem to go hand in hand. What you do not use you loose. Simple as that.

If Hollywood and its government proxy has its way the only thing we will be developing is a dangerous approach to handling problems here and abroad. In fact, somebody high in government used sayings like "Make my day" (1980s) and "Wanted Dead or Alive" (2001) citing Hollywood lines when discussing foreign policy issues. It is no surprise that lines like this were used since: 1.) The highest government official saying them knew the American public pays more attention to and internalizes Hollywood "Grade School Speak" 2.)The sayings seem to "say it all" while saying nothing at all (constructive)

I can not imagine rationalizing a $30,000-$60,000 video projector to subject yourself to a paid process of brain dulling where the only brain stimulus is when the synapses fire when a bomb virtually goes off in your living room. If you are like me I have had enough bombs and talk about them as a solution in the last 6-months (when does slugging another person in the mouth with a bomb or ENRON type raping of a country make them say "hey I like you and I have no reason to hate you"). Something about Hollywoods message seems incredibly dangerous let alone a waste of time.

I want more thinking in this country before we have to deal with real bombs. Music is the universal language and allows for reflection, relaxation, expression, and fun. I rather live a life than watch a Hollywood Drama Majors version of one

HOLLYWOOD?!!...Don't get me started!!!!The most audacious "stunt" is the amount of money these actors make and the way in which its publicised/revered. Don't people get tired of paying nearly $10 a pop to pay these outrageous salaries? Do they ever stop to think of what types of people these actors are?
Of course the same applies to sports figures, the most reprehensible of all being Mike Tyson
Ok I feel better...
The worst part about these inane movie plots is that they continue to turn up again and again. I notice it more as I get older. I'm 31, and a lot of the previews I see are just recycled plots from earlier movies. I'll see a preview and think, "Wait, I saw basically the same movie when I was eighteen." And now, with the heavy focus group testing of movies before they are released, this problem will only get worse. No one wants to take a chance on a truly original script (because the audience may not like it), so everyone just re-formulates what worked in the past.
"Home Theatre Software: Insulting?" sounds like an oxymoron to me! ;~)

doug *doesn't do movies* sedon
oops, i said oxymoron?!? what a dummy - i meant redundant! :>)

doug s.
I find the average product from hollywood, although not particularly that great, to be far better than the mainstream garbage the record companies are releasing as of late. Though with movies, you can find some decent titles from the indepenent houses, just like with music.

Spending $30k to watch the latest hollywood suspense move tripe is akin to spending $30k to listen to the latest re-hashed Top40 music.

Give me a hi-end full range 2channel system, and a front project with 100in screen. Then give me a room full of tasteful software - both music and movies. Now that's entertainment!

Who's bringing the popcorn?
Doug's message brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department....

I love boomies if the have some decent story line and character development. Alas, for every Das Boot we seem to have 6,000 U-571s.
I can hardly believe you would state that less than <0.02% of movies are of caliber you find (1/6000) "substantial" or whatever you would class as the anti-thesis of U-571 given your comments in the Home Theatre version of this exact same question. You must be make easy compromises in general....now I have this land that....... Seriously just kidding Bishop but something it seems you are making a much more powerful argument for insulting movies as a general rule with less than 0.02% chance of finding a good or whatever you want to call it movie.
Opps, another late nights post. Post before previous should have said, obviously,".....Bishop somehow it seems you....."

Now if I could just get this as my day job I would have a few less opps's. Cheers :*i