Home Theatre Software: Insulting?

This may be just me but how often after you seen the "cabon copy" explosion riddled movie trailer and said to yourself "God is this stuff stupid or what" and even worse.

As a music listener how long would we put up with consistently poor quality software that offends our intellect?

Seems to me that the movie industry thinks we are just stupid apes willing to buy anything the Hollywood Marketing guys/gals can regurgitate at us. Seriously, think about this next time you see a totally pointless plot but with your rerun "Take" 865.95 of bombs and flashes.

On the other hand where would Casablanca or Citizen Kane be without that great 7.1 sound :)?

I saw a bumper sticker a few years ago that read: "The more you know the less you need" . In the case of movies, maybe another sticker could read "The more you think the less you are willing spend in front of the screen watching carbon copies". Once in a while it is fun to watch a good boom boom if there is something to fill the space between the boom boomies such as Saving Private Ryan.

I am probably missing something here but why is home theatre worth ten's of thousands of dollars of our discretionary income?

Maybe that old song "In the year 2525 we will not need our minds, will not need our eyes...." was overly kind with respect to the date.


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The worst part about these inane movie plots is that they continue to turn up again and again. I notice it more as I get older. I'm 31, and a lot of the previews I see are just recycled plots from earlier movies. I'll see a preview and think, "Wait, I saw basically the same movie when I was eighteen." And now, with the heavy focus group testing of movies before they are released, this problem will only get worse. No one wants to take a chance on a truly original script (because the audience may not like it), so everyone just re-formulates what worked in the past.