Please give me your evaluation of which pre amp to buy. I have top of the line Vandersteen front, center, rear, and bass speakers. I replace the PSE mono block system as they went out with a new Marantz power amp, and Oppo DVD. My AV 8003 went out and now I need a new pre amp. The three I think I have zero'ed in on is Nad T 187, Rotel 1572, or an Anthem 60. Thanks in advance for the help.
If it is home theatre AV pre-amp you are looking at (and not 2-channel) then here is another suggestion:

NuForce AVP 18

it is all digital kit with no outmoded legacy analog inputs or outputs .

it convinced me enough to deep-six my top-of-the-line CAMBRIDGE AV 7.1 receiver in favour of this AV pre-amp and
(a) integrate my 2-Channel audio system by now using my high-end 2-channel system integrated amp with a direct pass-through to run the LF and RF speakers ;
(b) add-in a separate 3-channel high-end quality build power amp and another matched brand high-end 2-channel power amp for the power to the other 5 channels; and
(C)  the VANDERSTEEN V2W active subwoofer with a direct line input from the NuForce AVP ... Sub is used for home theatre multi-channel video and audio use only.

highly recommended and a great bang-for-yer-buck and exceeded IMO only by the mega-buck price strata CARY kit .
I have a previous generation NAD T-175HD(90% same as T187) that I have more than enjoyed for the last 3 to 4 years.  It sounds fantastic for HT and music and has been reliable.  If it was to take a dump in the near future, I would definitely consider the Anthem AVM60 or the older AVM50v2.  On the other hand, I would also consider the current NAD T187 since I have been so pleased with the T175HD.

Thanks for the response I have been trending towards the Nad 187 as I hear they are very good for both theater and music. I am about 90% movies and 10% music. I also like the boards be able to be switched out so I don't have to buy another unit in the upcoming years.
I don't know if Atmos is important to you but from my understanding the T187 will not get an Atmos or DTSX module but will get a module with 4K video support and HDCP 2.2. copy protection.  I would email or call NAD tech support to confirm this.


I have the older Rotel RSP-1570 and NAD T175. For Rotel firmware updates, I can download directly from Rotel website. For NAD pre/processor firmware updates, I need to get it from their dealers since it is not available from their website.

Why this is important? When I bought RSP-1570, it does not come with 3D pass through, but that feature was added later with firmware updates. My T175 is already obsolete.
After researching for a couple of months, it was clear that the industry standard for top pre-pro's (in the unstupid cost range) for both music and HT was either the Anthem or the Marantz 8802a. Rotel and NAD didn't seem to register against those two in the various forums.

I bought the Marantz 8802a. Outstanding device.
Onkyo got a new pre pro coming out in july.
Yeah, I'd stick with anthem 60 and be happy. Got refined sound, latest processing (I could care less about extra speakers all around the room personally. Just quality sound from 5.1 or better, and LARGE HIDEF IMAGE, myself. lol)
The Athem got superb EQ circuit - which you NEED, and you n everyone else that hears it will be pleased.  No magic bullets to consider otherwise.  (take this 100% of time over some cheapy receiver with all the bells and whistles, and inferior overall sound, every time!)
I would second snofun3's opinion on looking at the Marantz 8802a.  The fully discrete audio output stages would make me take a close look at this.  It has a nice power supply and I've read that Marantz has made significant improvements on it's HDAM audio stage over the years.  I have worked with EQ and room correction and I have decided against it.  There is nothing better than a good source.  Room treatments (diffusion, etc.) would be much better than trying to fix stuff electronically through EQ or correction.
Ultimately, it will and should depend on your own choosing from personal trial and error, or you'll otherwise never know what's possible in your own system, with your own setup and tastes!- FTR.  I however simply could not ignore (nor merely treat acoustic problems inherent in virtually all a acoustic home spaces, and expect that to be sufficient to getting accurate reponse/sound! Needs lots more than just some wall n boundary treatments to fix!!) the INFINITELY invuable EQs these digital processors offer these days, as they most often dramatically improved fundamental sound quality in even the most difficult acoustic spaces (most all domestic rooms!)  -UNREPLACEABLE!
  Yes, I've done many an audiophile grade EQless setups in my day, especially for 2 ch hiend applications. And, as good as that can sound (limitations..always), more often than not, I wished I could have eq d out my bass problems, and then I'd end up with something like the Rives PARC in the system anyway! What a difference it ALWAYS made!
Especially given this gentleman is using for HT duties primarily, I just think the EQ benefits far outweigh the negatives here.  And, in this case, the Rotel (not as refined as others, but descent n dynamic for movies!) nor the NAD ( history with quality control on this line.. ??!), neither of these offer EQ if I'm  mistaken..?  That's a downer n negatives for me, personally. (like the Rotel for movies, prefer the NAD sound for music )(Anthem also is musical!)  but think more of what you'll need from the Anthem, of the 3 myself.
If you found, however, that you absolutely needed to go audiophile traditional (no dig EQ n extra processing )more direct 2 ch pure signal from your music, you might just consider bypassing the processor all together and just get a 2 CH dedicated Pre!  (Just loop ur EQ capable processor of choice into that for movies).  
Just suggestions of course. but how large is ur space?  What's acoustics n set up like? (If you run 2 ch setup now, what's the sound response measuring like, and or do you think you like the sound from the speakers as is??)  Remember though,  even if you had the luxury of hearing any of these choices in some other setup, you can't expect sound being the same in ur setup, in ur room, with ur different equipment!  That's also precisely why the EQ helps out -Fix room unknowns n issues! FYI.
I just think the Anthem offers it all with the lest compromises plus superb processing and sound and build quality.  Excellent product!

I don't know if you can afford it in your budget, but with all Vandersteen speakers, I would definitely recommend checking out the Classe Sigma SSP Pre/Pro and partner amplification.  It offers pass through, balanced, high end two channel sound with fantastic multi-channel, HDMI surround capabilities.  It can be purchased with an optional phono stage as well.

I purchased this equipment to go with my ProAc front and sub speakers and B&W surround and rears.  Prior to ProAc, my system was Vandersteen 2CI.  Prior, my pre-amp, amp, processor was Krell, Audible Illusions, Wadia...  The Classe is really amazing.
How about a Parasound P7 + Oppo + miniDSP nanoAVR

Much cheaper. :)

I listened to the NAD Master Series DAC and was hugely disappointed, but it was cold. Still, shiver, very hard and blurry treble.