high sensitivity speaker for low power tube amp

i'm interested in getting a low power - integrated tube amp for a second system in my living room. i'd like input on a moderate price, high sensitivity speaker for this system. i can spend about $1500 on the speakers, but wouldn't mind spending less. this is an experiment to measure my comfort level with tubes.

i'm looking at an amp like the antique sound lab aq1003dt or a jolida 302b. i'm most interested in a two way floorstander, or perhaps a bookshelf speaker with good bass performance. any ideas? my musical tastes have a very wide range, including rock, pop, jazz, electronic, dub and reggae.
Coincident Conquest Speakers. They are $1799 new and you should find them for $750 to $850. 92db, great detail, nice solid bass to around 45hz.

Keep in mind that both Antique Sound and Jolida keep costs down by using crap for tubes. Don't even bother listening to the Sovteks. Retube at least the gain tubes right away. You don't have to spend a fortune, just more than $8 for low grade sovtek. At least go to sovtek wxt level.
Try to find a pair of Reference 3a mm di capo at around your budget price. You will not be disappointed with these paired with even a Jolida 102b and upgrade the tubes to NOS Telefunken el-84 and Mullard 12ax7a. Good Luck.
ProAc Response 2 speakers can be had in your price range. They sound great and absolutely love tube amps.
There is a great deal on right here on the Gon for
a pair of Canary Zama's.
93db. $950 shipped BNIB

Search Canary
At your price point, I believe Reference 3A, who make the De Capos, offer a smaller speaker called the Dulcet. It is supposed to be similar in efficiency and musicality.
If you end up getting Reference 3A's, come over to the new r3a owners forum for some advice on system matching, web resources, latest reviews, etc.