High End HT

I saw another threat that got me thinking about this.

My whole HT setup, is under 10k, TV and that includes everything. There are some upgrades i want to do, mainly go with an amp/pre-amp setup and kick the ol reciever out the window.

Suppose you had this system....

Sunfire Grand Cinema, Used, 1200
Sunfire 200Wpc 5ch AMP used, 1200
Deftech BP3000TL FL/FR used 3000
Deftech BP2006TL SL/SR Used 600
Deftech Center, CLR ? used 500?
Projector or 61in HDTV used 2000
Good solid DVD player, about 1000
Cableing. Lets go cheap, 500

This system could be bought for 10,000

This is actually better than what im currently running, and what i have sounds incredible. It shakes my whole house, it gets incredibly loud, and just blows my mind. The system above would probably sound even better than what i have.

what exactly would you get for 40,000 or 60,000 that you dont with the system listed above? The system above is better than what i own, and what i own sounds far better than any theater in denver i have been to.

I really dont believe you need to spend much to get an incredible HT. I can understand blowing 60,000 for a 2 channel setup, but thats a completly different game.

Im not bashing people who do spend alot of cash on a HT, what you do with your money is your concern, what im wondering is how the heck do you keep upgrading your HT? i can understand branching off to a 7.1 setup, but thats about it.

Im just curious how you can watch Star Wars Attack of the Clones, or Ghost and the Darkness, and say "this sounds like crap!"

Do alot of people who have 60,000 HT setups buy it all at once? Or do they go with cheapo and slowly upgrade?
So you're telling me that if I swap out your Sunfire amp and pre for Halcro monoblocks all around and a MC-12 pre, it won't make a difference. I believe it'll make a world of different in Home Theater just as it would in Stereo. Whatever amps or speakers that can make a stereo setup sound better will also make a HT setup sound better.
Elise, Thank you for your input

you are probably right, there would be a difference. But i dont think there would be a big difference due to the audio content provided in DVDs. If this was also used for music, then Definatly, go for the better equipment. But for strictly home theater?

would you be happy with the sunfire setup? If not, how could you stand going to the theaters to see a new movie? There are plenty of very nice theaters here in denver, and the system i have in my basement is comparable if not better than them. Its not because the theaters have crappy stuff, thier theaters have as good of sound systems as any other theater you would find.

I dont see the importance of using high cost/ high end equipment for a home theater. I understand it for music, because you are really listening to it and paying attention to the sound. Audiowise all movies are is basically a musical score with sound effects. It does not take incredible speakers and amplifiers to make the movie sound as good, if not better than any movie theater.

Im not saying its a waste of money. i just dont think you have to spend that much to get incredible cinematic audio.

2 channel is just a different world, music is more than sound effects and dialogue

The system i have, modest it may be, killer sound it has, If anybody said it sounded horrible after listening to it, i would swear they have gone mad.

I guess, im just saying that in dont believe you need high end equipment in a home theater, HT audio is way more forgiving than 2channel, and HT almost seems like it is just dying to impress. I say use those brystons or Halcro monoblocks where they belong, in a real sweet 2channel setup.

Here is an example, My g/f bought me a theater in a box setup. She knows i love audio equipment, and it is pretty low end, but i love it anyway. We have it set up in the bedroom and i really have to say, for movies it sounds very suprisingly good, if you switch it to the tuner, it sucks., Play a cd in it, it sucks.
Put a dvd in it, and it shines. I just dont think it is necessary to use high end equipment, because the audio content in dvds is easier to reproduce than music.
(that excludes DVD-A or DVD music disks)
Details, all in the details. You would be surprised at how many little things you miss in the average HT setup. The background noises, the bump of an elbow, the creaking of strings and such.

Honestly I bet in some movies you might be missing ~10% of the total soundtrack. Most movies really have crappy soundtrack so what's the difference.....But some sound really good.

How much is this all worth, depends on the mood I'm in when you ask. When the bills come, no it is not worth it.

On movie theaters- All the ones I've been to really suck....

Slappy, I'm with you on this one, but think about this...I'll bet that many of the components in truly high end HT setups got their starts as components in high end 2 channel setups. By that, I'm talking about the trickle-down effect where, as the 2-channel rig is upgraded, the "old" components migrate to the HT setup. By that reasoning, if you had a $100K system, then a $40K HT setup would make perfect sense. I guess I just can't imagine anyone with that much interest in HT who didn't have even more interest in music. Are there any of those mythical people out there who live, eat, sleep and breathe HT but don't care how their music sounds? Oh wait...they are on a different message board....
Another aspect to consider is listening in other than standard 5.1/2.0 formats for 5.1/2.0 sources. Doing this well, with the operative word being well, could entail a larger investment everthing else being equal.

When I went from a 5.1 to a 7.1 system, I found a remarkable improvement in envelopment in my listening room, so much so that I would never go back to 5.1.

Based on personal experience, I recommend listening to a properly set up 7.1 system using Lexicon's Logic 7.

Based on what I have read in forums, I would also recommend listening to a Meridian PrePro system.

Well, what more would you get? I have a home theater that qualifies as high-end, while my best friend has a more real-world system.

My best friend has the Def Tech BP3000TL, the CLR3000 and I don't recall his surrounds. No sub in his system, but no sub in mine, either. He uses a Denon AVR-5800. Mine is better sounding, that is for certain.

For video, I am so far ahead of what he has that it isn't even remotely close. Using a high quality HTPC for a scaler, I get DVD video that is far superior to anything from a standard DVD player - even the DCDi progressive scan units.

Add to that, I have an Odyssee motion simulator. There is no "cheap version" of an Odyssee. Check it out here:
I don't watch movies over at his place, but when I am there and things are playing, I just don't get immersed in it like I do at home. It isn't even close to the same.

While I didn't buy everything all at once, most of this equipment was purchased over the last 18 months.

I also installed a theater for about $14K at my friend's aunt's house. While her system is quite impressive to people who come over and have never really seen a well done home theater, it pales in comparison to what I have at home.
Al I am going to say is many people sure have different ideas as to what hi-end means. I feel that the system described is mid level. Certainly nooo where near hi-end. Thats it.
Home Theater when done properly will exceed the cost of a 2 channel setup easily. Just think 7.1 has 5 additional speakers plus a sub or 2 and all of the cabling that goes into it. A lot of the same benefits that are acheived with upgrades in 2 channel are seen in HT as well when you upgrade speakers, cabling and equipment. Lower noise level taking you deeper into the sound track, explosive transients going from dead silence to "Holy S@#t" peaks. Movies become more intense and more interesting to watch. Detail is ever so evident. Lets not forget however that many people integrate HT with 2 channel and multichannel music, especially with DVDA and SACD becoming more common. In this situation the components of the HT setup have to be top notch for a critical listener and the money goes out the window for the best one can afford. A few words of caution to those who do not want to spend too much, do not go to listen to a friends much more expensive setup because you will sit at home trying to figure out what you can sell or how you can get the money to have what he has or even better it.
I am with slappy on this one..just invest 10k into HT and use the remainning of the 60k to purchase ticket for the movie..that would allow you to go to the movie over 7000 times..LOL
Well let's be honest, alot of people here are "Toy Boys". People who want to have the latest, greatest stuff. When the newest Video card comes out for the computer, they have to go out and get it! The grass is always greener on the newest side of the fence.

Some have priorities in their HT, some in 2 channel. Some don't care much about any of this and spend money on their cars or kids or whatever. It's all about personal preference, your perspective and your disposable income level.

Saying "it sounds fine to me, why would I spend that kind of money on the more expensive stuff" means 1) it does indeed sound fine to you or 2) you sure would love to spend the extra jack on the really pricey stuff but just can't and thus: it's good enough for you because it has to be. Let's face it, we can't all keep up with Jones of the world.

We are in a very niche market. Therefore, many of us don't know of many people like us. My system is the best thing anyone I know has ever heard. It cost an arm and a leg (to me). But many of you would come to my house and say "Decidedly Lo-Fi...but passable for YOU I suppose".

Hi End is all about perpective and your affordability level.

It's like Rolex (or Choupard etc) people. To them it's art, quality timepeice, and jewelry all in one. To others it's a overpriced watch that tells time no better than a Timex. Would I own a Rolex? Hell no. Would I own a Rolex if I made 10x the money I make now? Probably.