High End CD players give errors on copy CD's???

Hi to all,

I went to a demonstration 2 weeks ago for Sonus Faber Cremona M series and they attached a Meridian G.O6.2 compact disc player to the system. I brought some original & some copy cd's that was burned by i tunes. And in some of the copy cd's the meridian was not able to play the cd and it was mentioning an error!!! So the seller indicated that the high end cd players are so sensitive and may not be able to play copy cd's... I am planning to buy a high end cd player and I have copy cd's around 900!!! I mean I am scared to buy a high end cd player and it will not be able to play my cd's. Is there and way to make high end CD players work with the copy cd's!!! I will appreciate if anyone has any idea on that!!

copies aren't always a problem, it's the different formats, mp2 and more...
Find out what formats you need it to read and then check the manuals before buying. DVD players will be much more forgiving.
Since you have the originals (surely you did not copy 900 CD's illegally - I mean everybody has the odd CD they have shared with friends or burnt for the car but nobody would systematically do this - or would they?) then why not you use those. If you are using legally donwloaded iTunes tracks then I can't see the point of running compressed 128 KBPS AAC files (upconverted to 44.1 KBPS CD format) through a high end CD player.
First of all, not all high end CD players will have trouble reading CD-Rs. It's just a matter of checking them before you commit. Either try it out at a dealer, or make sure you can test this function at home and return the player if it does not meet your needs.

Another thought is to buy a decent transport or medium-priced CD player that is capable of reading CD-Rs and buying a high-end DAC.
If you can buy a million dollars home, why would you bother to fill it up with 99 cent stuffs? Their products are very usable, but the qualities are all that's matter. Copied CDs and I-pod music are good on the go I think. You should look for an (all region player), they will have no trouble reading any of your disks.
All region players is a good idea!