HiDiamond P4 vs Nordost Valhalla PC

Has anyone done a comparo between these two PC's. I use the Valhalla from the wall to Audience AR6 power conditioner. Among the many PC's I have tried, Valhalla suited me best, except for Elrod Statement (original), which simply became too unwieldy in my system.

I am thinking of substituting the HD P4 for Valhalla, strictly based on the raves I have seen on this site (which I take with a small grain of salt but also respect) but would appreciate some input from those with personal experience. I also use LessLoss Sigs in various places in system, including from preamp to power conditioner and like that cord a lot.

Thank you.

Hi Neal,

I would like to recommend to try Synergistic Research Element Copper/Tungsten Power Cord on your Audience AR6 power conditioner. I have owned this conditioner in the past and I have demo'ed HD P4 for Valhalla power cords through The Cable Company. And the Synergistic Research Element Copper/Tungsten Power Cord was the clear winner. Take a look at their website for the specs and links to many reputable websites with very positive reviews. The Cable Company have this cable on their used website for 30% off. An excellent deal, and you can return it if you don't like it. S.R. New element series blows away any HD power cord I tried. Including the P4. Thanks. This is just my opinion, I just recommend trying the S.R. PC on loan from The Cable Company. Have Fun and trust your ears.
Joeyboynj did contact us several times last year in regard to purchasing HiDiamond cables but never did purchase any HiDiamond cables. We do not sell any HiDiamond cables to the Cable Store or have we ever sold any HiDiamond cables to the Cable Store.

If you check other post in regard to your question you will find a person that has done a direct comparison.

Thanks, Joey. I will keep your recommendation in mind. For now, I am awaiting delivery of a new LessLoss DFPC Reference PC and want to hear how that sounds. I love their Sigs and have 2, and will be interested to see if the Ref really is that.

I received the LessLoss DFPC Reference PC and my initial impressions have been posted (subject to moderator clearance.)

In a word, the cord is OUTSTANDING, and I am not given to gratuitous praise just because I paid money for a cable. An instantly audible, qualitative improvement over the "Big Boys" (sound quality -wise) I have been using. And value priced, IMHO.

More to follow.

Very interesting!
I want to read more when you post it.