HiDiamond RCA cables for sub

Anyone tried HiDiamond RCA cables for the sub? If so, how is it and which one did you try?
I have an XLR2 on mine at moment and it is simply stunning. best I've heard in any cable.........
Hi Bacardi,
Just to be sure, you meant you use XLR2 on your subwoofer. I just ordered a pair of D5 RCA for my sub (D5 and XLR2 is, I believe, where HD starts using graphite in them). Can't wait.
Kzhtoo, yes the XLR2 is my choice of cable in conjunction with my Emotiva UMC-200's XLR connections bettered its RCA connection. I was using the rca HD7 and was absolutely amazing but found the XLR2 combination with the Emotiva to work better.
I can't use XLR for the sub because it's being used for the amp. I'm sure HD is better than what I'm using but how much better is what I'm waiting to find out.