HiDiamond 8 speaker cables

Hi,Im leaning towards these speaker cables.They seem to be quite a fair price to performance ,20 percent off and free delivery with wholesale distributors.Theres a few write ups on them.Can you give me some insight into them,,thanks
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Hello Siddh,can I ask,what power cable and interconnect,your friend has on his cd player.Hd3 and Hd 8 inter,maybe.Thanks.The speaker cables are on the way,and Ive got some room to play around with the cd player.
Awesome, thanks. .ill give them a try.
Hi guys,Ive had the d8s for a couple of days now,and theyre starting to sound a lot better.Im happy with them,ill see how they sound in a few more hundred hours.They are doing exactly what I needed,more music.The sound stage is nice and big,and appear to be getting faster.cheers