HiDiamond Power cords...

Has anyone tried the Power 3,2,1 power cords from HiDiamond. If so can you explain in best detail the qualities, strengths and which component you chose it on. I'm also curious which cords they compare to within the market.

Regards Bacardi

I have HD 3 power cords on my Vac, MW Sony 5400 CD player and power supply. You'll notice a cleaner/more focused soundstage, better midrange presence, 3D sound and a wave of sound no where near the boundaries on the speakers. The cables sound as if they phase coherent, they sound so real and I'm at the 325 hour mark and should be complete at the 500 hour mark.

This is how they stacked up to the other cables tested:

Vac 160I Tube Integrated amp: 1st HD 2nd JPS AC+ 3rd Audience e, 4th Shunyata Cobra

MW Sony 5400 Tube CD Player: 1st HD 2nd Aud e 3rd JPS
4th Shunyata

Power Supply: 1st HD 2nd JPS AC+ 3rd Aud e 4th Shunyata

Shunyata power cords restricted soundstage depth/width and low level detail/ambiance. JPS and Audience e cords were definitely better than the Shunyata Cobra without question in my system.
i have about 700 hours on one HD 3 power cord, and about 30 hours on the second HD3 PC. In a concise statement i will say they do explosive dynamics, fine delicate detail , extend beyond the boundaries of my room (elation never did that) and do pitch, tone and timing in spades. compared to VD Revelation this past week.
I am looking forward to adding one to my system. I need more dynamics and soundstage in my system. -le- which component in your set-up did you place it on?

Regards Bacardi

i had the first one on my power amp (YBA Signature) to burn it in. Then after 450 hours moved it to my DAC.

The new one is now on my power amp...but will be moved to my Preamp(YBA 1). I plan on purchasing a third one to place permanently on my power amp
Hi everyone, I ended up with the HiDiamond USB cable. It is a warm, detailed cable with lots of clarity. I love it and really have no desire to change it because, IMO, it has everything I've been looking for. Thanks for the suggestions though, much appreciated. Sandra
I would also like to hear from owners about the Power cord 3 and how it compares to others.
I am currently using Synergistic Hologram D,A and Precision.

By the way, I just posted my thoughts about the HiDiamond digital cable on the HiDiamond digital thread.
I have SR power cords (the Hologram D and Precision Reference). I will be receiving the HiDiamond power cords this weekend and will post here once I have a chance to listen to them.
I don't know why my response ended up in this thread, I added it to the USB digital cable thread, so disregard my post. Thanks, Sandra
I just swapped 2 HiDiamond PCs into my system today -- on the transport and the DAC. First impressions -- they are excellent. But since my AMR DP-777 is just breaking in and is in a "transitional" mood I cannot give a more detailed report yet.
As with all the HiDiamond cables in my system, their PCs excel in low level detail, sound stage, transparency, dynamics and tonality. The continuity of the sound is the clincher -- superior to what SR cables create in my system. The feeling of "being there" is so very real. Hard to put into words -- but not hard to hear. I have never been disappointed in HiDiamond. For me, they are the creme de la creme.
Sabai, have you tried the HiDiamond PCs with your amp or power conditioner ... high current components?
No, I haven't. Have you tried HiDiamond on your amp? I probably will not use HiDiamond on my power conditioners. Kaplan is recommended for Bybee and Precision Reference is mandatory for SR PowerCell. I have the HiDiamond PCs on my transport and DAC.
I've got the itch to try another HiDiamond cable. I own the BSG Qol unit,(an excellent product),on that unit I am using the Synergistic Tesla T2 power cord. It seems adaquate, but I wonder if the power cord may be holding back even more potential for the Qol. The Qol is a low powered Analog device.

So, those of you with the HiDiamond 3 power cords, have you found it works better on low powered equipment or Higher amperage equipment?

And is it better suited for Digital or Analog equipment?
I'm finding superior results on every component that I have place the HD3's: my Vac 160i Tube integrated amp, MW Sony 5400ES Tube CD player and a Running Spring Jaco power conditioner but haven't compared any other cables on the Jaco since it's the only 20a PC I have. The difference is obvious from the start, sold my Shunyata Zitron Cobras (3) after six weeks and have compared HD directly with Audience e, JPS AC+ and some assorted MIT AC1 and none are in the same league. Sure, some of the other cables will spot-light a certain region but they don't give you that full you are there sound.

You'll notice a more focused or sharper image from day one and a wave of sound developing beyond the boundaries of the speakers as more hours are accumulated. To me, it just sounds right...
Sounds like I'll have to add more HiDiamond PCs to my system, eventually.
can you please describe how the HD3 sound tonaly.
I mean bass, mids and highs. Are they on the bright side of neutral ? Compared to Shunyata Zitron Cobra and Audience.
Do you use a HD3 from the wall outlet to your RSA Jaco power conditioner ?

The HD3 tone is very smooth, natural and would say that they may be a click to the left of neutral without sacrificing detail. This HD3 cable is full sounding with great extension and bass weight and has a presence like any of the cables I mentioned. The Audience "e" is right behind it especially if using tubes since tube equipment can be rich and the "e" cord would be a good compromise with its thinner/slightly more resolving sound.

I wouldn't bother with the Shunyata cables, I found them to be one dimensional as if I were listening through a tunnel with the weakest bass I've heard. By far my worst experience with cables in my audiophilia career....
@Wig, I agree with you about the focus and dimensiality. I have just put a HD3 on my sub and hope to return to conclude the outcome...
One thing I have noticed in the Hidiamonds is that the sound is really layed back as opposed to my S.R that sounded very forward....

The HD cables are very natural sounding and doesn't hinder PRAT, they excell in delineation of instruments and acoustics spaces; music just sounds more complete with HD.
I just added another HiDiamond Power 3 power cord to my system. With each one I add there are further improvements to the sound.
Wig and Bacardi,
What I am noticing with the HD Power 3 power cords is the total naturalness of the sound stage. In my system there is a continuity to the sound stage that was unobtainable with even the top Synergistic Research power cords that I have had in my system that were a heck of a lot more expensive than the Power 3. The imaging is precise and not in your face at all with the Power 3, a bit laid back (but not unnaturally so) as though you were at a performance.

I am listening to a lot of excellent CD remasters lately. I have been collecting the best quality recordings that I can find -- everything from solo lute and piano to chamber music to concertos to symphonic music. What I am hearing with the Power 3 cords in my system (I am fully loomed) is what I would term "performance-grade" -- like being there. These cables are uncanny in what they do. I have not exaggerated anything in my descriptions over the months here. Others have come back to the forums and verified that my descriptions of the Power 3 and other HiDiamond cables are very accurate.
Ozzy and Bacardi,
I think you may remember that I have a front end that comprises an isolation transformer, power regenerator and two power conditioners in series. I just put a HiDiamond Power 3 into the Tesla Plex SE wall receptacle as the first power cord in my system. The results are so impressive that I could use a battery of superlatives to describe how wonderful my system now sounds as a result of this change. Lest I be accused of being over-enthusiastic let's just say I am a very happy camper this evening.
I bought 2 HD Power 3 for my Vac Sig MKIIa pre and PS Audio PWD MKII Dac and now I have a total of 4 ... 2 additional for my mono amps. The sound do improves with each additional PC and performance well exceeds it's price.

BTW, Robert provided excellent service with very fast shipping.
Sabai, you had luck with the Bybee Goddess Speaker Bullets right? What did they give you that you didn't have with the SR Powercell?

Also, did you ever try the Nordost Quantum Resonant products? QX4 and Qbase8, etc?
The Bybee GG SE Speaker Bullets took the system to a whole new level of refinement. The SR Powercell did some of that but on a much more modest level.

I have the Symphony Pro -- the precursor to the QX products from Nordost. Nothing dramatic to write about. Subtle improvements. I am interested in the QX products but I think -- from what I have read -- that they are probably over-priced for what they deliver. I have read reviews where Nordost often delivers four or more of the QX4 to reviewers. They say you need multiple units in your system to experience the best results.

Well, let's see now, at about $2,700 per unit that's 4 x $2,700 = $10,800. That's way out of my league. One unit would be my max. So, always looking for the best bang for my audio buck, I am saving up for a Steinmusic Harmonizer System. Word has it that this product is a real winner -- probably a much bigger bang for the audio buck than four QX4 units -- and no chance of buyer's regret at about $2,000 for the system with rave reviews on all sides. I have yet to read a tepid review of the Steinmusic System.
Sabai; I'm wondering if I could get HiDiamond to put a 32 Amp powercon connector on a power 3 cord and plug that to my powercell 10 SE to my Teslaplex SE(wall) Outlet. Could you imagine the results I'd get.
You could call Robert Neill at Worldwide Wholesales to see if they do custom work. But there is an easy way around that. You can patch in the Power 3 to the cord leading from the Powercell by using a burn-in adapter. That's what I do when I run power cords in series. You might even find that you like the synergy of the two cords together.
Bacardi, Voodoo Cable makes an IEC to 32amp Powercon adapter for $129. Here is the link http://www.voodoocable.net/VAPA.htm

While that is not cheap, HiDiamond my charge as much or more. Also they might not be willing to do the Powercon connector. Even if the are willing and the prices are close which of the two would be easier to sell if you do not like it over the stock Synergistic 32amp power cable. Maybe Voodoo Cable will give a 30 day trial.
I am thinking of buying but with no home audition and no
major publication review I am not sure if on par with synergistic and shunyata.

I know some people here like it a lot but some have also sold them when moved abroad!

A few comments elsewhere indicate they are perhaps a tad too warm sounding?
@ Radioheadokplayer

I owned the Shunyata's and they are not even close to the HD3's. Don't even bother with the new Cobras, the worst sounding IC I have ever heard in my system...
I have not heard of anyone selling them when they moved abroad. I have no idea why moving abroad would change the sound. I live abroad and have a full HiDiamond loom. The HiDiamonds have been replacing my Synergistic Research cables. HiDiamonds are by far the best cables I have ever had in my system. They are not warm at all -- they are natural. Don't listen to anyone -- listen to what your own ears say. You might want to get your toes wet by trying a HiDiamond Power 3 power cord -- nothing short of amazing.
Noway would I describe the HD cables as warm. JUst start with one HD power cable if you dont like it it will sell quickly on audiogon.

With my Synergistic Research Powercell 10 SE Mk.III that I got recently, it came with a 32-amp Element Copper/Tungsten Power cord instead of the Tesla Precision AC power cord. Let me tell you, this newer Element power cord is incredible and out performs the Tesla power cables in everyway. The same way that the Element speaker cable and interconnect line beats the previous Tesla line. I have my doubts now that the HiDiamond can beat this NEW cord from Synergistic.

I have a feeling like I did with the Tesla line years ago that the NEW Element line is going to be a huge success.

I'm going to order one HiDiamond Power 3 power cord and test it against the whole line of new Element power cords from Synergistic. I'm being sent to DEMO in my system Element Hologram A and Element Hologram D and also Element Copper (T2 Equivalent) and Element Tungsten (T3 equivalent). I'm using The Cable Company as my lender.

A full review will follow soon. Thanks ;-)
Good chance you know this but give the power 3 a few hundred hours or more before comparison to others...
It started sounding good some time after 200 or 250 and I'm sure it needs more... Wish I could cook em like others here are doing. 500 hours is the goal evidently.
@Sabai, thx. I think I will contact Robert as he is exemplary at keeping contact with clients and keeping up with who has what in their system. I need to order a HD7 2M interconnect for my sub as I relocated it after my sub crawl and doing an Audyssey XT32 calibration on it.

@Hifial, thx to you too for the advice but I think I will wait on something I will be experimenting with in a few weeks to see how it will transform my S.R Powercell to a whole new level......

For the record, I.M.O I don't find the HD cables as warm at all.....very natural, micro-dynamic, detailed and layed back-never forward may be some words to define HD......
@Bacardi, you are welcome.

But please let us know how it goes in a few weeks on the "transform my S.R.Powercell to a whole new level".
Is it something you can share now?

Good luck.
Every Power 3 in my system sounded great right out of the velvet bag.
I agree that the Power 3 sounded great right out of the bag, showing its charicter nicely! But In my system, this one (so far) Power 3, after tens of hours, lost some detail and bass and went a lil soft for a period of time. I moved it to run it in for a week elsewhere, then brought it back to its home on my AMR dac, and it has been back to its true character again...
My burn-in has been going slow due to life lately and I am still only around 300 hours but I am LOVING what this PC --and the HiDiamond reference level aes/ebu digital cable-- has done to my system!
But I definitely did experience a dip in this PC's traits during the first 100 or so hours.
I am getting a new rack soon, so that may put off the purchasing of a couple more Power 3's but I do intend to do so... I am just so glad that I believed your, and others words here and took a chance with HiDiamond. A hunch that has paid of very nicely!
@Hifial, actually, it should benefit my whole system. I will definitely post a review....
I'm glad you are happy about your choice. At first, a lot of people were very skeptical and there was a lot "happening" on the forums, as you know. But as more people put their toes in the water they started reporting very positive results with their HiDiamond cables -- and the tide turned. HiDiamonds are now accepted as among the best cables that money can buy, if not the very best. And they are certainly by far the very best value in high end cables. IMO.
i have added my 5th HD3 pc to my system and the synergy is very apparent.all aspects of the sound have improved..will be stopping with 5.at their price point my guess is that they aren't many better.
Synergistic has just released an entirely new line of power cables. Has anyone here heard the new Synergistic Research Element Hologram A and D and also the Element Copper, Element Tungsten and Element Copper/Tungsten power cords? And yes, these are replacing the older Tesla line of power cables. More importantly has anyone COMPARED these to HiDiamond? Cost set a side...until you try them in your system and hear for yourself, No one can conclude that HiDiamond's power cord is better than Synergistic's Element power cables.

Sabai, as to your claim, that so many audiophiles are raving about HiDiamond. Well I can only find a handful, as in less then 5 people shilling HiDiamond while attempting to tear down competing brands. This smells fishy to me.
Sabai, everyone seems to have strong opinions’ here about power cables and so do you. It looks like to me from reading your posts that you are HiDiamond's biggest cheerleader. There is nothing wrong with that. I definitely don’t agree that any tides have turned. HiDiamond is just another cable manufacturer as there are many many other very good companies out there. (Many you and I have not even heard of) Everyone has a preference on this subject.