HiDiamond 8 speaker cables

Hi,Im leaning towards these speaker cables.They seem to be quite a fair price to performance ,20 percent off and free delivery with wholesale distributors.Theres a few write ups on them.Can you give me some insight into them,,thanks
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The D8 speaker cables are very good. If you can purchase them (and at a discount) I'd jump on that offer.
I purchased a pair this past summer (had to pay full price) and am very happy with them. I can find no weakness in their performance. Just a heads up, HiDiamond products usually take between 300 to 600 hours for complete burn in.
If you will notice they rarely come up on the used market.
I have a pair of HD 8 speaker cables. They replaced Virtual Dynamic Genesis, which followed FIM Gold; and prior to that Purist Colossus. I also spent a number of weeks auditioning High Fidelity CT-1E SC's with good success, but not up to the performance of the HD's.
In my Avalon/Cat/Jadis/Walker system, the HD's are full, yet detailed and help display a huge sound-stage. The frequencies are well extended, and although slightly less refined and delineated in comparison to the HFC's, I find them more musical.
I have a variety of interconnects...Siltech, HFC's, Wireworld, Purist, Audioquest, and Virtual; to name a few, with HD and HFC now combining to help create a pleasureful listening experience.
A friend, who also has Avalon's is all HD cabled. His digital front-end system is one of the most complete I have heard.
Awesome, thanks. .ill give them a try.
I can second Siddh's conclusions. They are really special cords.
Hello Siddh,can I ask,what power cable and interconnect,your friend has on his cd player.Hd3 and Hd 8 inter,maybe.Thanks.The speaker cables are on the way,and Ive got some room to play around with the cd player.
so, Siddh, how speaker cables are doing? :)
Hi Misternice; my friend is using a full Hidiamond loom...including power cords. His system has been down, due to amp modification. I am looking forward to listening when back up running.
Hi, Cyprus; the HD 8's are still linking my Avalons. I have been playing with higher end HFC ic's and a power cord. Quite good stuff...and working in good balance with the HD speaker cable. Some added speed and detail, yet full bodied. Remarkable how cabling can have performance implications. The more refined the system, maybe the more sensitive to cabling. Might be similar to pro tennis players. I read that they can sense the smallest changes in string tension.
Hi guys,Ive had the d8s for a couple of days now,and theyre starting to sound a lot better.Im happy with them,ill see how they sound in a few more hundred hours.They are doing exactly what I needed,more music.The sound stage is nice and big,and appear to be getting faster.cheers
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