Help with pricing?

The years have taken my ears so it is time to pass on some of my collection. Specifically one of my nice turntables. I have no clue how to determine what this is worth and would appreciate some advice from those familiar with my gear. Just to be clear, the TT is in near perfect condition with no blemishes and working just as it should. I rarely ever used it since new and it has always remained covered when not being used. It all has to go together and I have the original owners manual. I think I bought this in the mid to late 70s.

Luxman PD121 Turntable with dust cover and an SME 3009 tonearm.

The cartridge is Denon MC 103 in the head shell and lightly used plus a brand new MC 103 cartridge in the box.

Denon AU-320 Dual pick up matching transformer.

I'm asking for a ballpark figure to ask when I sell the set locally because I absolutely will not pack and ship this delicate table. Buyer must pick it up and can test before buying.

Thank you, GaryL