B&W Loudspeakers Pricing

It appears that the exchange rate is very favorable to the dollar vs the pound.  The B&W speakers which retail for $22500 in US dollars should be in today's retail dollars approximately 25% to 40% below the suggested retail price. Of course the retailer will tell you that they already factored in the exchange rate. 


Yeah, I don’t see retailers generously passing on the savings upfront unless B&W requires them to lower their MSRP.  But, even if the prices don’t come down it might create a little more wiggle room in a price negotiation situation.  Of course, this assumes the dealer has already sold the inventory he bought at higher prices. 

Or you could explore ordering them from a British dealer. I did it many years ago with Celestion speakers when the exchange rate was favorable, but of course shipping charges need to be considered.