Help with Pioneer PL-707

I just bought one of these in perfect functional and quite nice cosmetic condition. Has a carbon fiber tonearm and a silent running direct drive motor.

Any advice on good mm cartridge matches? It came with an Audio Technica LS-400 that'll need a new stylus so I'm open to change.

Should electrolytic caps be replaced given the table is nearing age 30?

Would the table benefit from a professional refurbish (I found a shop in PA that specializes in vintage Pioneer tables)? Purchase price was $180, and I'd invest a bit more if it will extend the life of this table as it really seems well-made.

I found a spec sheet that states the arm and headshell are "graphite polymer".
"Would the table benefit from a professional refurbish?

Depends-how much, and what's involved? If the service is a DeoxIT, and a check for leaky caps, that's something you can do yourself.

If they're *very* experienced with this particular model, and can reference future trouble areas that should be addressed, it might be worth a go. If not, and since it's working great, I'd just clean/look/enjoy.

Those are great looking decks, btw. Congrats.
Thanks, Johnbrown.

I'm leaning toward the "clean/look/enjoy" plan. I'd not trust my soldering skills on cap replacement, but I can do the DeoxIT thing and swap out the output cables for new and hardwire them on the inside. The tonearm moves smoothly and tonearm lift still seems well-damped. The motor is absolutely silent. I read that it is the same motor used in the P-3/P-3a Japanese statement tables. I gave it a good outside cleaning, and it was obviously well taken care of in the past.

I think I've answered the cartridge question. I tried two: vintage Stanton 881-MKIIs and Nagaoka MP-30, both with new original styli. The Nagaoka sounds very nice, the Stanton a bit shrill.

I would wait and see if it is up to speed and running quiet. If all is ok save your money. The Nag should sound nice so just enjoy and clean it up abit if you must do something.
I have a strobe disk, so I'll test accuracy of speed tonight.

If the platter speeds are accurate I'm good to go.

Funny, the Nagaoka sounds dark on a Dual 701 I have, but really sings on the Pioneer. I'd thought of selling the Nagaoka, but not now.