Help with integrated amp purchase

I am in market for integrated amp and need help. I am using and Onkyo cd as a transport thru a Monarchy Audio Dac driving a pair of B&W 804n's. There a lot to choose from in my price range. My music taste are mostly rock and am looking for a lively amp not to laid back. I would prefer to have balanced input but not a must. Does any have a thoughts on these amps driving my speakers for my taste:
Cambridge Audio 840a V2
Nad m22
Sim Audio I3 or I5
Primare I-30
Krell 400xi
Plinius 9100

Thanks for your help
You covered a wide range there, what's the top end of your budget? I don't think that we can make a meaningful suggestion without know how much money you're expecting to spend.

The Primare matches extremely well with B&W speakers. I just heard the Primare I30 driving a pair of B&W 800D's at my audio dealer (Audio Connection, Verona, NJ) and was shocked at how good they sound together. If you are near New Jersey you should go and listen to the combination for yourself. Your own ears will be the best judge as to what works for you.

Good Luck!
I figure top end around $2500 I think I can find most of these used for around 2k except for Cambridge which is new at $1500.
Oops forgot about Creek Destiny in my list
Thanks Joey54 Thats kinda what I thought with the High current and Balanced inputs looks like a good match just haven't heard. The B&W's can be hard to drive at times
Have you considered the Ayre AX-7e?
If you like a warmer flavor to the sound, try the NAD first before spending a lot more.

Otherwise , I'd try the Cambridge first before jumping for something that costs a lot more.
You might also consider the Bel Canto eVo2i. I have owned several integrated amps in your price range and the Bel Canto is a winner for me. Not sure how it will mate with the B&Ws but it worked exceptionally well with my Proac Response 1.5s. It does have the required balanced input and a pre out, both prerequisites for me.
Just the other day I received an email from a fellow Agon member who purchased the eVo2i after seeing several recommendations. He thanked me for the rec. I thought that was a nice touch.
I would second consideration of the Bel Canto
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I'll third the Bel Cantos in the price range and with your B&Ws.

If you like open top end with nice uncolored sound I would second Ayer Integrated recommendation although it is very efficient it outputs 60W only (not sure if that is enough for you).

Krell KAV has very good bass but not much else, treble will be artificial and will be overwhelming the rest of the music. Very unbalanced sound suitable mostly for movies.

CAudio 840 is unimpressive in every respect, rolled off on treble and poor soundstage and realism.
Ok Bel Canto does looks like he would be ok. Whats the difference between evo2i and the evo 2 genII that is up for sale here? Thanks for all your help!!!
Here's a good explanation of the upgrade genII with link to review of genI of the eVo2i. It's a pretty comprehensive review.
Cayin kept secret on the market!
For 2500, you can pick up a used Naim Nait 5i integrated and Naim CD5i-2 CD player and get incredibly musical sound and great system synergy. (The new CD5i-2 is significantly better than the original CD5i.) Even if you keep your current CD source, the Naim Nait 5i is a superb integrated. My experience suggests that mixing and matching of components is a bit of a gamble. The Naim combo will bring musical satisfaction and just might get you off the crazy audiophile equipment-switching least for a while.
I have been very pleased with the BelCanto Evo 2i gen II also , everything else I have tried just couldn't do the job as well. For the price I have seen these go on Agon I was tempted to buy another one but alas only need one.
I 2nd Ericjcabrera with the choice of PSAudio GCC series.
Speakers however differ. Magnepan works for me.

Also, the BelCanto is yet another ICE amp.
I would like to know just how many manufacturers are out there using the B&O products?