Help with alternative to KR Audio KT88 tube

I need help from fellow Audiogoners. I have a pair if KR 8000 monos (from KR Audio, formerly KR Enterprise) which use a pairs of KT88 tubes. The sound is very big, huge soundstake, dynamic & forward. My tubes are KR Audio brand
I'd like some tube rolling as am in search for a liquid, sweet & romantic sound. Would really appreciate your help.
My other gears are: AA Capitole (CD), Kharma CRM 1.2 (speakers). Cables are Kharma Grand Ref (power cables on my amps), Shynyata Cobra (on CD). Interconnect is Audio Note ANVx; Speaker cables: Kharma Supreme Ref.
A big thank you
Genalex KT-88 Gold Lion Reissues, I used these in Quicksilver V-4's with great results. I think they have the Qualities that you're looking for @ $99.00 for a matched pair from Tube Depot.
I replaced the Electro Harmonix KT-88's in my amp(Rogue Tempest II)with Genelex "Gold Lion" reissues and really enjoy the sound.No glare at all in the highs.The midrange is very "natural",for lack of a better word.Vocals are very realistic.The best improvement was in the bass frequencies,drums sound like drums,lower registers of the piano are bold and clear,no muddy sounds like the EH tubes.While the KT-88 change made a good bit of difference, changing the signal tubes to NOS made a vast improvement.I would suggest changing them before the power tubes unless they are on their last leg.You have to consider this is what I hear on my equipment.Your experiences my be totally different.Enjoy.
Thanks Samhar & Tpreaves
TPreaves, I did not quite get you on the NOS. My amp has only 2 KT88 tubes per each mono and no other tubes.
Were you relating to the miniature tube of AA?

ALSO, I am just about to send my CDP factory for upgrade to SE version? Will that make any difference?

In any case I will buy 2 pairs of the Gold Lion you suggest
Lall, yes I was refering to the tubes in the preamp.I have an integrated amp and was refering to the preamp section.I heard a more significant change in the sound changing out those tubes(6sn7 and 12ax7). Sorry for the confusion.If you do decide on the Lions,shop around because prices vary alot. Enjoy.