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Audio aero capitole mk2 need help repairing
Hi JonathanWith respect to your undermentioned post regarding the Capitole intermittent issue of on/off shutting off, after the AVR installation, has your AA player ever had the issue again?My AA Capitole MK 2 (which was kept in my store for 3 yea... 
The most holographic Power Cord
Forget about power cords. Just try the Fusion Audio Romance IC1 (pure copper version only, not the gold-copper IC2 one). Just a pair, anywhere in the system, will suffice. And be prepared - you are in for a shock: you'll think the sound is coming ... 
s-s integrateds just on the warm side of neutral
Any Hegel integrated amp will foot the bill 
What happened to Audio Aero?
Jafant,I just sent you the coordinates through a PM. I paid $283 for a brand new original Phillips CD Pro 2 mechanism that works perfectly on my AA Capitole Reference.So sorry for the delay.cheers 
What happened to Audio Aero?
AudiotombI believe the Philips Pro2 mechanism for AA is still available on the market. I got a brand new one not too long ago from a dealer in Netherlands. Found his coordinates on another audiophile forrum. Am very happy with it. I can send you h... 
power cords fo monoblocks
I have 2 pairs of mono amps (SS & tube) and tried many high end power cables and finally settled for Harmonix Studio Master. They definitely add touch of warmth and smoothness and bettered my very expensive Kharma Grand Ref. in my system. I hi... 
Walking Into A Brick & Mortar High End Audio Store
Roxy54 has gone too far.If am not mistaken, dealers generally make 100% profit on new gears (e.g manufacturers sells a gear to dealer for $1000 which then retails for $2000). If a dealer expects each and every person entering his shop to buy a gea... 
Sonus Faber Minima Vintage v/s Cremona Auditor
Hi MikeyayaMany thanks for your input. Just seen your system. Nice one. How big is your room and does the Minima have sufficient bass for orchestral music? 
Any thoughts on removing a preamp from your system
After more than a decade of testing my system, I have now eliminated my de Havilland Mercury 2 preamp. My CD player - Audio Aero Capitole Ref SE seem to do a better job direct to my power amps. It is more natural, fluid, organic and delicate. The ... 
Gold Lion KT88's Upgrade
Get a quad of GE 6550 and you'll never even think about the Gold Lions. I currently have a matched quad of Gold Lions KT88 purchased from Jim Mc Shane sleeping in my drawer for the past year or more... replaced by GE's. They are that good 
choosing Power Cords for Vitus SM-101
Get the Vitus Andromeda pcs as recommended by the factory. 
XLR any day for me. In my system, when used between my preamp and mono amps, it eliminates hum which is ever present when i use RCA cables.Yes, you are right, full benefit is obtained if the system entirely is wired using XLR 
grills or no grills on your speakers..matters?
My Kharmas seem to sound better with the grills, so I leave them on all the time 
Power Cords Snake Oil ??
For those who think power cords don't make a difference please read my experience. I have 4 power cords in my system: two Harmonix Studio Master 350 on my two mono amps and two Kharma Grand Ref. on my front ends (Audio Aero Capitole Ref SE and de ... 
Svetlana v. Genalex KT88 Tubes?
I have a pair of monos that use 4 tubes and tried a lot of KT88/6550 tubes (KR Audio, Genalex Gold Lion, EH, JJ, GE 6550 (1970) etc..) and once I heard the GEs, i had to sell everything else.So clean and pure with lots of timbre and vibrancy.If yo...