Help with a Bedini BA-803

Hello all,

I recently acquired a Bedini BA-803. I was originally told that the speaker fuse holders needed to be replaced because the sound was cutting out intermittantly. I replaced the fuse holders. The sound is now consistant, but distorted out of the left channel. I have pulled and tested each transistor and they all test good. I am looking for some help regarding what my next logical step should be. i have replaced all the fuses in the amp. The main caps show no bulging. Is this distortion indicative of a bad capacitor? Just trying to decide where to look next. I have switched both the input cables and speaker cables and the distortion follows, so the distortion is definitely coming from the left channel. 

Thanks for any help in advance



Also wondering if anyone knows of a technician who will work on Bedini Amps.


Sorry to hear that! My 25/25 needs repair too! How about Brooks Berdan in L.A.?

Member hifigeek1 said in a past post that he worked on Bedini amps. Try sending him a PM.

I know this a bit late of a response. I had my Bedini BA-803 repaired by Mike Finck at Hionfi in Jamesville NY. He did an amazing job with the repair. My amp sounds as good as new and the price of the repair was reasonable. He replaced a few transistors with NOS units and a few diodes as well. Cost of the repair was around $400. The amp sounds great. I highly recommend Mike. I live in Binghamton NY. I tried getting the amp repaired by Audio Classics and they flat out refused to even look at the amp. Mike had the amp back to me in about 2 weeks and its in perfect operating condition. The Guys at HionFi are great people to deal with. If you need a repair on something, give them a call. They will help you out any way they can.