Help VPI turntable hummmmmmm

I have just installed a new Naim system with a VPI Scoutmaster and the TT hum is not quite deafening..............but getting there. Can someone please help!! Do I need to earth the TT to the phono stage? If I do I have tried this but no success. What am I doing wrong. There is also an audible 'thump' when switching the TT motor on or off.
Call vpi. They are very helpful.I am not saying you do not have a tt ground problem. Most sounds are caused by the cart. Is it properly attached? Loose wire? Wires not connected properly?
I am in Ireland and any time I have tried to call.................No response
I believe they are open Tuesday through Thursday only.
Grounding the unit to other than the phono stage may help? Ground it to your pre or even to a screw on the plate cover on the wall plug?

Are you using a high gain cartridge with a low gain input? Is this hum as soon you you switch to phono on the pre or only when a record is playing? We need more details to help narrow down the problem.
Try floating the gound on the TT motor if your power is 120VAC. If it is 220, keep the ground. Check your interconnect cables, sometimes the fit is bad, or there is grunge on the inside of the RCA. Also, isolate it into one channel if possible. If both channels, it is likely a ground loop. Everything should be gounded at the same location/wall outlet if you are on 120VAC. Have only 1 component gounded, the rest floated, for 120VAC. Cartridge wire as mentioned above is a common problem. I have the same table and it is quiet as a gravestone. Barring a motor problem, it should be very quiet. I don't use a separate ground wire to the preamp. My preamp is gounded though. Be sure to tighten the motor pulley as mine was loose and the speed was off. Jallen
Make sure the 4 pins from the cartridge are seated properly to the cable's coming from the tonearm; make sure the insulation is on all four of the cables that clamp to the pins. I had a hum a while ago as there was one insulation missing. Dealer replaced insulation (a different dealer from which I purchased) and hum gone. (VPI TNT and had hum turning on motor and moving tomearm across record by hand).
The cartridge is a dynavector 20xl and the hum is only apparent when switched to phono.............the cdp is fine. When playing vinyl you can hear it between tracks.
I had hum with the same TT and cartridge. I had the ground wire running to my Ph3d phono stage. I disconnected the ground wire, and the hum went away.
I have not yet grounded the tt........although attached a ground wire and tested to the phono.......still hummmmming!

I intend stripping the cartridge and re installing....let's see