Ever since hearing some Visonic Davids at a friends house back in the mid 80's I have been in search of a speaker that could produce the right sound. I'm not sure how to define that, but when I hear it I know. Probably the closest to live that I can get within my budget. I started with a pair of AR monitors, then moved up to a pair of Polk RT11t's. The sound would go loud but something has always been missing when it comes to stereo sound. It may be the weakest link in the chain. ie: cheap cd's players, or it may be that in order to get what I want I would need to way out of my budget and spend thousands on two speakers.

I currently am running the Polks off of an Outlaw RR2150. I've been told its a decent amp but I still don't hear "that sound" that I'm looking for. I'd like to keep the Outlaw and use my Iphone as my source. Or possibly off my pc network using a squeezebox or something like it. That being said any opinions of how I can build a system around the OUtlaw and my computer based music/iphone for a room 25 X 12 with wood floors and six windows. I have a pair of Grado's sr 60's that are very close to the sound I'm looking for. Can I reproduce that in this room for under $1000. If not what would be the mi nimum I'd need to spend and what equipment would any of you recommend? ie: speakers, dacs, etc. Really appreciate any input I can get from people who know alot more about this than I do.


Steve - My 1/2 a cent. Maybe spend some $ on room treatment first. What you describe seems like it would be highly reflective. Damp it down & see what you got, then upgrade speakers if it's still not working for you.
Steve, are you using mp3 or uncompressed music?
I would definitely encourage you to explore using Lossless files (.flac) if you've been using just typical bitrate itunes files or mp3's. You'd probably need a 160gb ipod classic or the 1st generation Apple TV's to be able to fit the same amount of music. That could make a big difference if you're not already there.

I'll also second Ghosts' idea of damping the room. Heavy curtains and a decently thick rug would be a nice start. If it's a step in the right direction, you could add some acoustic panels.

If you're not happy at that point, then start getting out and listening to some other gear.
if you're not already doing so, you'll want to connect your computer/iphone by usb to your outlaw--my recollection is that the inboard usb dac on the outlaw is pretty good and i'd go with that before trying an external dac. i'd second jazzerdave/kclone on assuring that you're listening to uncompressed files. finally, i'd address your speakers--lots of upgrade choices in the $500-800 range, esp. used (rega rs1, nht, triangle, focal chorus, psb imagine, etc.).