HELP - Sweet, silky smooth cables: Jena Labs/Jade

My system (Audio Aero Cap. Ref; KR Audio VT 8000 monos & Kharma CRM 1.2 speakers) is quite revealing and is constantly giving me ear and head aches.
Cables are Kharma Grand Ref.power cords, Kharma Supreme Ref speaker cables and Harmonix Golden Ref interconnect.

Considering changing my Kharma Supreme Ref. silver/gold cables and would appreciate advice on value for money cables with following attributes:

- non fatiguing, sweet, silky smooth, clean and romantic

My initial thoughts were Jena Labs or Jade Audio. Other suggestions based on your personal experience would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.
I own both Jade Audio Hybrids and KCI Silkworms. Both great cables that fit the description fit the bill for what you are looking for. You may also want to consider adding some room treatments.
Thanks Pdreher

I've added some room treatments on the back wall and that has diminished the glare. Tried some on the side walls also, but this caused the bass to reduce substantially and the trebble began irritating again.

I've replaced my Kharma Supreme Ref silver/gold speaker cables with an old pair of Cardas Golden Hexlink 5c from my second system and this has added much needed warmth and made the sound substantially less aggressive and certainly a lot more enjoyable.

However, I honestly feel my system deserves better cables than the 15 yr old Cardas which at times causes a bit of bass booms and also is a tad slow and less articulate.
My thread from 2/24/10--Interconnect for sweet, silky violin sound--might be helpful.