Interconnect for sweet, silky violin sound

Yes, I know, component interactions and all that sort of stuff. But maybe that can be set aside for now. Can anyone, mainly you classical violin fans, recommend an interconnect(RCA)that assists in primarily presenting the sound of the violin as easy,silken and sweet as opposed to bright,peaky,wirey,thin and acidic? I realize every register of this instrument isn't just one way or the other, but there are plenty of components out there that just can't get the violin to sing the way it does at a live concert. I'd just like an honest facsimile. Kind thanks for any assistance here.
I listen almost exclusively to classical. . . with a lot of small string chamber ensambles. Try the Furutech Evolution II wires, for highly neutral and musical sound throughout the frequency range. Audioquest Sky may even exceed these Furutech in extension and sweetness of treble, but become less well defined starting from lower midrange downword. See my Furutech Evo II review on Positive Feedback Online at:
Not meaning to sound coy, or arrogant, and understanding that you're not wanting to get into the whole component thing, but you have to understand, as I'm sure you do, that you are essentially listening to attenuated juice courtesy of your local utility. As such, there is a path followed from wall to speakers, with each component along that path having profound affect on the voice of those violins. I believe it would be most helpful to people looking to provide additional valuable suggestions (as I have been lucky enough to receive here on more than one occasion) if you provided some more info about your system. The issue may lie anywhere along the path, including your listening space.

Happy Listening!
I listen to a lot of violin also. I love the Tara Labs RSC line of cables. The Master Generation-2 does a great job for me, but if you really want silky sweet strings, go with the Reference Generation-2, although not quite as transparent as the Master Gen-2. If you have a deeper pocket -go up the RSC line.
Though at times there are other "issues" that arise with some cables that bump the emphasis just a bit from the midrange downward, in many cases, that bump adds a more spacious, slightly dark emphasis that I find satisfying. It tends to give a mid/lower mid/upper bass emphasis that for me imparts an easier, more relaxing and more musical presentation when I hear violins, violas and cellos. I like too what is does for the double basses. This may not all be what some consider neutral or totally accurate, but that doesn't really matter to me. Many of us accept the reality that everything has colorations anyway---concert halls,electronics equipment at the recording site and in the living room and showroom, and even open spaces outside of rooms and halls. Humidity, wind, air temperature all having impact on the sound. And of course there's the influence of what different ears on different heads hear. I really don't care to re-iterate what components I have, since I'm not sure by knowing that others might necessarily better be able to determine what might suit my taste. It would be a rarity indeed if anyone had the same exact constellation of components I do. I just wanted to get a few recommendations "off the cuff" from some of you, and from those who have responded so far,my sincere thanks .
Yes, I think you should try Morrow ma3 (Eichman silver bullet). I'm trying right now with my Mac. It's great IC, I think much better than MIT AVT1.

also, you have 60 day audition period, simply you return it.

I'm happy that you've allowed your unique experience to act as guide. It's a nice place to be, and refreshing to hear, especially as this hobby is by no means a science.

Don't forget. The sweet spot is always at the peak of an equilateral triangle, and at a distance equal to 83% of the distance between speakers as measured between immediately adjacent inside borders of your speaker enclosures.

That's a joke...really...jeez. ;-)
Hi Neutron...Kind thanks for your nice comments. I'm certainly with you on the equilateral triangle arrangement. Have stuck with that for a very long time. It has always seemed to work optimally for me. Haven't checked up on the 83% matter, but I have experimented with distances from my speakers(Dunlavy SC-4s)and have the chair where I feel I'm getting my best possible sound projection, imaging/soundstaging and spectral balance. Here's to good listening for the both of us---and, of course,others too.
try the KCI Silkworms+ or Gabriel Gold Raptures.
Snopro...Though I haven't auditioned these, I've been reading AGon thread comments about them, and also the Jade Hybrid. For those who are following this thread,aside from what I mentioned in my lead in remarks,I seek a sound that is not sharp edged and avoids the exaggerated brilliance of so-called hi-fi-ishness. Like Guidocorona above I listen almost exclusively to orchestral and chamber music, and in addition, lean toward a dense,weighty,airy sound while retaining as much top end extension as possible. Of course, it's not a particularly easy balancing act to have the dense and powerful while simultaneously getting excellent detail up top. Compromise somewhere is usually necessary.
For pre amp to amp and pre to cd, I really like Cardas or Van den Hul. Both are excellent.
For me the Purist Proteus Provectus (RCA) is capable of providing the qualities you are looking for.
I listen to Cello, guitar(nylon string),violin, chamber groups, some symphonies and an equal amount of all types of jazz.
I also prefer a "recessed sound" not an exploded sound stage "bright,peaky,wirey,thin and acidic" where the quality of sound is sacrificed for a bigger more forward presentation.
One sounds like noise the other music!!!!
Samhar...Interesting that you should mention the Purist Proteus Provectus. I seriously had been considering that along with some of the golds above prior to launching this thread. Both the golden hued and slightly dark sounding quality cables command my greatest attention.
Hi. You might try audio note. You did not give a price range but there are several vx available used now at a pretty good price (i am not a seller).

good luck

Gmahler2u... good to see that you are recommending the Morrow MA3s... if Opus88's after what he describes... the Morrow MA4s will certainly reach that level... the SP4s in combination with the MA4s will be a big help as well...

no affliliation with Morrow... just a happy customer,

:) listening


Istanbulu, since you have had significant experience with Synergistic Reasearch Tesla's how would you describe the differences between Morrow and Synergistic? I was just going back to old posts you have made regarding your experience with the Tesla line.
hahaha..yeah I'm no affilation with them either...just happy camper.

The SRs are really remarkable generally speaking. I borrowed SR cables I could not afford through the Cable Company, and was very impressed with them on the two systems I had back then. Especially the Apex. Because of affordability issues, I settled on the Accelerators which were really pretty good.

One way or another (paying attention to remarks by other 'goners), I came to learn about Morrow. At the time the highest level of Morrows was SP3s and MA3s. I was very impressed with those cables.

I have another system which I would describe as having issues too numerous to get into here. Huge potential, but difficult to resolve. The SRs solved many of them, but not the sibilance which on some recordings was just plain difficult to bear.

The SP3s and MA3s surprised me. Mostly solved the upper-end issues while at the same time being very musical and detailed (after one huge break-in period). Mike suggested I try his newest versions (the 4s). Wow... no issues with that system... in fact, it is my preferred system: detail, musicality, great bass, etc. The Morrow cables do not have the pinpoint defined soundstage typical of SR, but I can live without that dynamic at the price. The final topoff was the Morrow MAP3 PCs... just remarkable for the price. Everything clicked into place at that point.

None of this is meant to disrespect or find fault with the SR products in any way. They are really, really remarkable. All of the SR cables except for one. The only SR cable I didn't care for was the SR USB cable... just couldn't make it settle down after countless hours of breakin and listening.

Every system has its own quirks and difficulties, and the Morrows took care of nearly all of my issues with my most difficult system. After several months with the Morrows, I haven't had a listening session in which I wasn't positively impressed by the experience of the music using the Morrows. Never a second guess now.

You asked... what can I say? If you have the money, go for the SR Apex SCs and ICs as well as the Hologram PCs... but if you have to watch the overall allocation of your resources, I'd give Morrow a serious (and well-broken-in) trial.

:) listening,

Stealth Indra--but then the soft- as well as the hardware better be good. They are as neutral as they come.
Case in point: The CD of Hilary Hahns rendering of the Bach Solo Sonatas and Partitas finally began to sound right to these here ears, after I had changed to the Indras.
It's not always just a matter of ic choice. There's lots of interactions that go on between components and lots of times different cables will react in different ways depending on the system they're used in. I've used lots of different cables over the years and have found that the most consistent and best sounding no matter what I use them with is PNF Audio. Spend more and you're wasting time and money. The real trick is finding cabling that works together as another component, because that's what it really is. Try PNF Symphony speaker cables, and some of their ICON ic's together and you won't be sorry.
New MIT Shotgun S1.3 series cables will deliver the goods and then some...especially for classical and jazz lovers:O)
violinist here, i use Siltech, they are very detailed at the same time, smooth and silky. It's detailed as you can tell the recording style, whether live or studio, even the characters of different violin as well. Like a comparison between Stradivari and Gueneri, u can really feel it.
I had been looking for something neutral for awhile, and when i found Siltech i decided it was the one to keep. I use Siltech power cord, interconnect and speaker cables, their price truly reflect the quality of the sound, their high end stuff is amazing.

Try to audition them.
Karmatogdral, with which Siltech wires have you been happiest? What other wires have you used in your system? Could you contrast them for us?

Thanks, G.
Hello Opus,

I have been quietly following this thread because your question is the definition of gold cables. I am one of the three main manufacturers who uses either pure gold or some alloy. I felt the need to chime in because I feel the advise has drifted into the more analytical and highly defined rather than the hues and textures you were looking for.

The ability of gold to create a full realistic palette of color is beyond any other material. I personally use Dunlavy IVa speakers and find for classical music my system is what I hear when I go to Orchestra Hall. The feeling of the music is well portrayed.

I also have found the soundstage and holographic nature of gold to be better than other materials. I strongly recommend you seek out one of us to audition a gold cable, I think you will be quite happy.


Jade Audio, LLC
Siltech, gold etc..may offer a smoother, more euphonic sound, but for realistic scale, weight and dimensionality with accurate timbre and dimensionality, MIT has the market cornered.
>>09-17-09: Dave_b
Siltech, gold etc..may offer a smoother, more euphonic sound, but for realistic scale, weight and dimensionality with accurate timbre and dimensionality, MIT has the market cornered.<<

That's hilarious and a typical rookie mistake.

If that were the case, their cables would be universally accepted as the standard for all systems.

And that couldn't be farther from the truth.
I agree with Audiofeil here. In addition, why should I care if "MIT has the market cornered"? That is irrelevant to me, since in the final analysis, my only concern is does a particular cable help give me what I'm looking for in my system ?
I'm not a rookie. I qualified my statements and stand by them (Transparent Cable excluded). Why should anyone care about anything...I don't know, go see a therapist. What I'm saying is that after hearing a crap load of different cables in many systems under various circumstances, the MIT house sound offers larger scale, weight, holography and superior definition when taken in balance. In other words, their strengths portray a most realistic presentation of the recorded event. Bias, personal preferences and in general, basic human variation may move one toward another sound entirely however. Nordost and Geortz still exist for some reason, which is about as perplexing as the fact that Charlie "the tax Wrangler" still exists in Washington. Some people sees things a whole different way, as unrealistic as that may be:O)
Strongly suggest that you audition the Jorma Prime interconnects.
This just in....I just recieved a pair of M4 Morrow Audio balanced IC's (fully broken in...well almost anyway). Time will tell, but these may be a contendor for dethroning my MIT IC's! Damn, just when I was so sure of embarassing:O( I also have some more Gen 3 MIT stuff coming to compare them to). The M4's are supple, organic, expressive and above all else they convey perfect timbre and pitch...exquisite tone! Bravo Mr. Morrow.
Dave...Speaking for myself, the last thing I wanted was to create ill will. When I agreed with Audiofeil, it was in reference only to his objection to your statement about MIT's cornering of the market. I apologize for not clearly separating that from the other more personal remarks that Audiofeil made on his own. I was mainly trying to underscore the essential importance associated with each individual's making a choice based not on what the market or a business' claim to fame indicates, but what best reflects his or her personal tastes. I absolutely do have an interest in the characteristics you mention relating to large scale, weight and timbre in particular, and based on your recommendation, I am planning to audition the MIT S1.3
Well, Dave, I just noted your most recent comments on the Morrow after having posted my previous remarks. The Morrows have been praised by others in this thread. They might deserve some serious attention too.
I am going GAGA right now over the S1.3 spkr cable/Morrow M4 IC combo on my MG3.6R's/Krell/Sony system. It is alarmingly good at this point...almost orgasmic! If I have an accident I'll let ya' know:O) Now, where did I put those tissues.
Found the tissues...just in time, whew!
Opus88, right now I am trying out the Morrow MA3 and I like these IC's as well as their speaker cable. I have also heard nothing but good responses regarding Jade audio. Trying out these two companies wouldn't hurt. More than likely I will trade up to the MA4 and I doubt I will want to return these cables.
JP1208...I agree, you most likely will absolutely fall in love with the M4's! I'm planning on proposing to mine tommorrow. How do I tell my wife?
If you are looking for a neutral and natural sounding cable, try Straight wire. They produce one of the most natural transparent cables. They have 4-levels and most audiophile listeners like the Virtuoso for the detail, quietness, and very black stage with allot of air between the instrument and vocal especially female.

Great cable for tube preamps.

Enjoy Music!
I'm very grateful for the reponses that have been given so far, but just to reaffirm, I'm not looking for a particularly neutral as neutral cable. I prefer euphonic, burnished, somewhat dark or golden sound. How much so? I won't know until I've listened and decided, but that's where I'm headed. Some of the suggestions that have surfaced would seem to be in line with my tastes.
The Morrow M4's are definately in line with your preferences Opus88...he offers a no hassle 60day trial as well!
I see the Cardas name quite a bit in this thread.
Jena Labs (preferably Symphony or above); Kubala-Sosna (preferably Expression or above).
Purist audio or echole.
Agree strongly with the Morrow MA-4. Beautiful, very natural violin tone
Thank you all very much for your cable suggestions. As some of you may have read elsewhere on this site, I have settled on the KCI Silkworm+ interconnect. To my ears and in my system it interacts to provide a marvelously nuanced and wonderfully musical presentation. If you haven't experienced it in your setup, I feel(as I'm sure others do who have been smitten by it)that it is more than well worth a listen. In addition, I think you'll find John Prator, its creator, to be one of the most pleasant fellows you could want to deal with.