HELP! Streaming to my old school audiophile system

HELP!  I have a complete old school Nakamichi setup I've collected over the years (Stasis PA-7AII amp; CA-7A Pre-amp; ST-7 tuner; RX-505 tape deck; Dragon tape deck; MB-1 CD player; JVC turntable; all playing through my four JBL 4311B's).  I want to be able to wireously stream music through this system but don't know where to start nor how to hook such a device to my pre-amp.  Do I need a network streamer?  A DAC? Another pre-amp?  All of the above to do this right?  I've looked at the Cambridge Azur 851N, but are there alternative devices.  I also hear over and over again that AirPlay is the best media to stream with.  Help!  I'm lost and need educated and pointed in the right direction with a device or system that won't cheapen the sound my old school set up currently produces.   
I recommend the Bluesound Node 2i, its built-in DAC is very good, just connect it to your CA-7A preamp line level input.
Thank you for your reply.  Educate me:  What does this Bluesound do that the Cambridge unit I was looking at doesn't?  Or was the Cambridge unit overkill.  Please explain.  
I've looked at the Cambridge Azur 851N, but are there alternative devices.
What you want is a DAC/streamer.  It's basically a network streamer with a DAC built into it.  The Cambraidge Azure 851N is one option.  Bluesound Node 2i is another option.  There are better options, but they do cost more. 

Sony HAPZ1ES $1999
Auralic Altair G1  $2699
Cocktail Audio X45 $2995
Aurender A100  $3900

Be aware that not all network streamers will have a DAC built in.
Good morning enthusiasts. I just purchased the Cocktail Audio X45 and could not be more pleased with the result. I began streaming through an Oppo BDP105D and wanted to digitize my vast CD collection. With no disc drive in my laptop, I decided to look into network streamers that also rip music, and I wanted something at a reasonable price point. 

Enter the X45. What impressed me about its specs was: DACs for each channel, ripping capability, streaming Tidal MQA, FM tuner, ability to rip my vinyl collection and the build quality.

I can safely say that I am impressed by the quality of the sound and the dedicated DACs have improved the sound-stage. I'm hearing more of the detail in Hi-rez streaming on this unit compared to the Oppo. Oh, and did I mention the great build quality. Granted, it has only been 2 days, but I have noticed an improvement in the sound quality, and the database management is easy and intuitive. Comes with a remote and I display it on my TV monitor. I just ordered the wi-fi dongle so I can manage it all on a tablet or phone. 

Running it with the following equipment:
Vandy Treo CTs
Simaudio W-3 Amp
Conrad-Johnson PVL14 Tubed pre-amp
Speaker cable: Audioquest  Rocket 88 bi-wire
Interconnects: Synergistic Research, Kimber Silver-streak, Audioquest HDMIs and Analysis Plus.

Happy listening