Help Please....Interconnects...Silver vs. Copper?

I am now running a Plinius 9100 to B&W Nautilus 804s with Tara speaker cable.
My source is an Esoteric DV-50.
I ran Tara RSC Air 2 XLR from the Esoteric to my BAT VK-31.
I have downgraded to a Plinius 9100, and I need RCAs.
Any advise...PLEASE...
I want to maximize my potential here within the $200 range.
I have been looking at the Black Dragon, Morrow Audio, and DH Labs BL1 & Revelation.
I am not sure what silver will do to my sound?!?!
I have heard silver and copper sound different.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
go to and do the home test and buy the one you like...Plenty to chose from...And only you can decide.
Other options: Nordost Red Dawn, JPS Labs??

Thank you Thorman, I will check it out.
If you like you sound brighter,then it's silver,If you like your sound mellower then copper.Thats my opinion only not everyone else.
copper would be better.
check out the ones from

if you have more budget & want a warmer bias, go to the purist audio design cables.

Hope that helps.

Purist Audio Design is definitely too pricey.
I guess copper it is.
you can try searching for used Purist Museus here. They sometimes pop up for $250.00 for 1 meter
I love my Noedost Heimdall IC's.

For your system I think Copper is the only way to go.
with b&w, copper or maybe hydbrid deigns like van den hul
Anybody have any feedback on the Tara Labs RSC Air 3s?
I loved my 804N's ... used them with a Musical Fidelity A-20 and then Classé 101 and 151's ... so much build quality and sound that only got bigger and more profound without ever breaking down into jibberish ... those and the 803s were simply great speakers that were questioned far too much
do you have any comment on interconnects??
Personally, I don't like either one (silver, copper). Check out something in the alloy realm like the Gabriels. There are others also worth an audition as well.
The difference between the materials is easy to generalize however the material does not have as big an impact as the entir package. The sound you get will depend on gauge the braid if it is braided the sheilding, the source cable quality etc. otherwise I would recommend copper but most are mediocre. Silver is expensive band not particularily the best choice for a slamming SS amp. Save your money and get Cardas Golden (fill in the blank it changes often) perfections. They are euphonic and as warm as a nice fire on a winter day.
Definitely demo the JPS Labs stuff.
Mechans do you use cardas power cords as well?
Try Canary Audio's interconnect cable. I have their silver/nickle RCA cable with WBT connectors. I like it very much.
there is no reason to look at the question as one of exclusivity. have you considered silver coated copper ?

my current reference cable is ear to ear black. you might want to consider an audition. as i hear it, it provides a low noise, grain free, balanced presentation.

you can read my review on