HELP No sound from tweeter.

I just sold my Mordaunt - Shorts to my sister and after several weeks of working perfectly (as they always had) suddenly no sound whatsoever is coming from one of the tweeters. No crackling, no nothing. The posts are jumpered. What do I do? I'm not known as a tinkerer. Thanks for the advice.
it's possible a lead came off in moving them, tho it's strange it would have done so "completely" after several weeks. if you feel comfortable doing so, you can remove the tweeter (just slightly) from the cabinet to check the connections. if they appear ok, the tweet's likely blown or there may be a problem with the crossover or terminators. time to find a good technician. sorry about your (or your sister's) problem. -cfb

ps- i should have added that if a lead is loose or completely off, it will need to be reattached, either with high-quality solder or the provided "clip."
If your sister is prone to listening at very high volumes, it is possible that she "pushed" the amp into clipping and fried the tweeter. This is especially likely to happen with a low power amp pushed too hard (as opposed to too much power).
Is there some sort of fuse protection? You never specified you model. If that's blown that could be the problem and easily fixed. You can get a new one at radio shack. Worst case efforts on your part (not much): take the tweeter out if possible and peek in cabinet to see if any wires may have come loose. If its not a fuse, or a loose wire, or a damaged/blown xover part, its probably blown. You could take the tweeter out and hook it directly to the output of the amp just to check, bypassing the xover. (this would mean snipping the 2 wires, no biggy, crimp them back to the main leads when done with some connecters from radio shack, $1.49 for eight). Just play some material that you know has no low frequencies for awhile into the tweet and no damage should be done as you check. Or it may be time to upgrade to some new speakers? Use the remaining one for a center channel? I don't know the speakers but a tweeter change is possible, not always, although you'll want to change both.
If the tweeter's not fused (likely) then it's probably blown. Your sister probably blew it by driving it into distortion with an underpowered amp or receiver. But since you sold them to her, it's definitely your fault!

I'd contact the company and obtain a replacement tweeter. If the speakers are still under warranty and you send it to them, they may even repair it for free.

Next, you need to get your sister a more powerful amp if she wants to continue playing the speakers that loud!

Happy New Year!
Thanks Cornfedboy. I've since swapped out one tweeter with the other and have determined that I've got a bad tweeter. I'm having trouble finding a local dealer since MS was bought out. Also, the MS website doesn't help much for those of us out of the UK. This s**ks!
Im not sure but I think MS is now owned by Creek. Anyone know? If so try to find a Creek dealer.
Many manufacturers of speakers buy off the shelf components from several excellent raw speaker companies in europe. If the speaker is labeled on the back as to its model and manufacturer, you may be able to easily purchase the replacement from one of the companies catering to the do it yourself speaker builder which usually carries these lines such as madisound in wisconsin. Good luck.
Epos is now under the ownership of Creek, I don't think MS is, however they are back in business. Epos does have a website with a forum. The questions asked are answered by Luke Creek, he might be able to help you with finding parts.
Good Luck
I've determined that MS is owned by Marantz and I'm hoping that they'll be able to help me find a tweeter during office hours. Their website was no help. Thanks all!
Call Bill at Millersound (215) 412-7700. He is speaker repairman extraordinaire and used to sell Mordaunt Shorts and probably can tell you what to do. If you would care to send the speakers into him (outside Philadelphia), he will make them sound even better than the original.
Tell him Vinh Vu sent you.
Good Luck.