Help me with treating my room

I have my 2 channel system set up here in the living room with the TV. I don't really like the whole far-field listening thing, and I think my B&W 805S monitors seem to prefer a near-field arrangement anyhow, so I've marked a spot on the floor, and whenever I am doing any critical listening I just move my chair to that spot, which I have the speakers toed in to, which is in front of the main couch.

I got my system set up, and have measured the response of my room, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out a bit. I've attached some pictures of the room, as well as the frequency response chart, group delay info, impulse, filtered ir, decay, and waterfall graphs.

I do have some auralex sonoflat panels, sonocolumns, and t-fusers, from my dedicated music room at my old house, but since this is indeed a living room, I would prefer to first start out with doing all I can to optimize the room, before resorting to using any of that stuff. I'm not opposed to using any of it behind my big tv though, which is in front of a nonworking fireplace, because it is very unlikely that it will be seen back there.

I'm guessing since I have wood floors, the first thing I need to do is get an area rug, am I right? If so, where exactly should it be placed, and how large should it be? Should it run all the way from the speakers to the main couch? Should it run under the speakers too?

Also as you can see I have very large open windows on the right side of the room, which is covered by a curtain, albeit a very thin one. Would it be worth it to get a thicker curtain? Also as you can see, my front door doesn't have any blinds/curtains, and neither do the 4 symmetrical windows which are at the front and back of the room. Would it be worth getting anything for these?

Another issue that I am guessing is probably a concern is that my coffee table, and the table the tv is sitting on is glass, should either of these be covered with a cloth or something?

Here are some facts about the room:

23ft, 9in Wide
13ft, 1.5in length
8ft tall ceilings

Distance between each speaker, and the distance to my head in my listening chair is 5ft 9in.
Distance from wall to left speaker is 3ft 4in, distance to back wall is 2ft 10in.

Distance from wall to right speaker is 2ft 9in, distance to back wall is about the same (I know having these distances the same is regarded as usually regarded as bad, but I'm hoping there's enough break up in the back wall, what with the fireplace and the ledge that runs along the wall that it isn't that big of a deal.)

Sub is placed in the corner to the right of the speakers.

Let me know if you guys need any more information. My graphs are attached below, the subwoofer was ran with NO EQ. I can tame the sub 80hz bass pretty easily with my eq even with the current condition of my room.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Frequency response graphs, other graphs, and my room pics are all located here:
There are so many issues as you describe, but the only way to find solutions is to try different treatments, especially at the first reflection points, then the second reflection points. Also, the TV screen needs to be covered when using the room for just music.
What do you suggest covering it with?
Cover it with a thick quilt or blanket. The thicker the better.
First thing is that you have an issue with LF build up that is seen in the waterfall plot. Most all rooms have an issue like this but the graphs are really telling. Some kind of bass treatments should be used to reduce the "hang" time of those frequencies. If you can get the LF plots to die back sooner you will probably notice less boom.

Start with the bass. Get that boom out of the way so you can hear what is going on. This can disrupt an image just as much as first reflection points.
It may be worthwhile to work on the speaker placement as this will often produce the biggest improvement apart from room treatment. I've looked at the pictures of your room, personally I don't think you need any commercial room treatment though you can try some bass traps if feasible.

If there is allowance to tinker with placement, I would suggest moving the speakers out into the room by 2 to 3 feet or pushing the TV further back to the wall by a foot(if possible), or both together. The intention is to move the speakers out so that they are not in the same plane as the TV.

After the speakers are moved further out into the room, you may find improvements in the imaging and the sound may become airier and more enveloping, although bass may suffer a little. A TV in between the speakers, especially when placed on the same plane as the speakers is often bad for stereo imaging. You may wish to push the listening chair back further if necessary. For the 805S, near to midfield listening(6 to 8 feet distance away from speakers) is the best configuration.

As others have suggested, you can experiment with cover material on the TV. The effects will be less noticeable with the speakers further out into the room.