Help me tame my out of control bass

Hey all,

Hoping to get some advice on how to tame what appear to be some pretty bad room modes. See my system here:

I’m in a bit of a pickle for a few reasons. First, my NY apartment is on the small side and requires me to set up on the long wall with the listening position against the opposite wall. On top of that I upgraded to my dream speakers, Egglestonworks Kivas. They sound amazing but they’re big and have a lot of low end reach. The combination of these two factors leads to the waterfall you see in my system - a pretty massive bump in low end, particularly at 40-44hz and from 60-70hz.

There’s also a huge bump at 120hz, but I don’t understand how that one is possible. I think that might be a measurement or microphone error - I don’t hear that at all and it doesn’t go away even when I EQ 120hz out completely, but maybe it’s a resonance?

Things I’ve tried so far, each with modest success:
- Plugging the ports gave me about a -5db reduction in the trouble spots (all measurements are with the port blocked)
- I don’t have a ton of placement flexibility but moving them back from their original position gained me about a -3dB reduction in bass
- I added a pair of 5.5” thick GIK bass traps, but they didn’t do much that I’m seeing in the measurements. Maybe a -1-2dB reduction, tops. They honestly helped more with the mids and highs.
- Convolution curve in Roon - this works the best, but doesn’t solve the problem for home theater or vinyl

I’m pretty stumped as to what else I can do. I think that the amount of bass traps needed to fix this is more than my marriage can withstand. I’m considering the PSI AVAA active bass traps, but only if I can do a home trial of them first to see if they’ll actually help - I worry this 8-10dB bump I’m seeing will be too much for even a pair of those. I could get a DIRAC processor from miniDSP and that would at least then work for all digital sources. Vinyl is mostly not a problem since this is so low and most of my vinyl is rock and jazz.

Any other ideas? Rolling tubes that have less bass? Are there any less expensive EQs with digital in and out that I could use as an alternative to the DIRAC for home theater only?
also, you might download the excellent and free Vandertones test and music files. the test tones are based on typical room modes....which are not always octave based ( duh, but a brilliant observation and more importantly those are Vandersteens EQ centers )...and they include an excellent scaling acoustic bass solo that sails right thru and past 120 hz....

So like the legendary Max Townsend said: “ listen and measure “....
@tomeh45 there’s no manual for the Kivas, but I did talk to Jim at Egglestonworks and he not only had some tips for me, he was kind enough to cut some port plugs for me for the slot loaded bass port. For the transmission line ports, they’re pretty heavily diffused internally so they aren’t super loud, but just to reduce interactions further I have the GIK bass traps hung behind them so they are absorbing anything from them.

Audio2design pretty much nailed the layout, but here’s the floorplan in case you’re curious about the exact dimensions. Ceilings are 8 foot:
This may be impractical for you, but if you can afford it, try changing to a pair of MAGNEPAN 3.7's.

I'm quite certain that not only will you regain control of bass reproduction but will also reap other huge sonic benefits. Contact MAGNEPAN. I'm sure an engineer can make more detailed suggestions. If you can't afford the 3.7's there are a couple of less expensive models that will also provide a controlled audio spectrum, and still provide a heaping portion of the MAGNEPAN magic.
Saying bass traps don’t work is false. Get the right traps for the frequencies you want to deal with. 2” traps won’t do squat for bass, I use asc 16” tube traps as well as gik monster bass traps which both work. As for adding many panels and curtains in your room, you have to start worrying about an over damped room, which will kill the dynamics and your system, your system will sound dull
I didn’t say bass traps don’t work, my two bass traps are 5” thick. I didn’t see much measurable difference but i suspect I would need several more of them to get there, which as I said I don’t think the missus would allow.