Help, I need to purchase FM outdoor antenna

Hello, anybody know of any web sites. I would like either a Finco FM 5 or a Wineguard 4408. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks.
I bought the Winegard 6065 from

I think the 4408 is a ChannelMaster antenna by the way.

See, and select the antennas. You get excellent information and they have the best tuner around!!
I purchased from Stark also. They have a huge selection and also many types of quality preamps and amps if you need to boost the signal further.
I found this link from the tuner information site.
Look at Yagi. They make antennas for ham radio, perhaps they make AM/FM units too.
All of the above references are excellent. HOWEVER, you first need to ascertain what your needs are. Do you live in an urban jungle of FM stations nearby that compete with a station close-by on the band that you wish to tune in? Or, conversley, are you 50 miles away from the nearest tower? By way of example, each scenario requires a different but equally deliberate solution.

See my review of the APS-13 antenna. It will give you some ideas of what you might be getting into.

Finally, I did the WHOLE ball of wax when I researched this topic a few years ago, and heartily recommend APS and its principal, Ed Hanlon. This IS an endorsement, because he is priced right and is one of the last truly honest proprietors in this biz, plus he won't take you to the cleaners.

Let us know your current reception problems and goals. You may only need a higher selectivity or sensitivity on your front end.
One point to consider when putting up an outdoor antenna--make bloody sure its grounded to earth right before the cable goes into your house... I always thought that grounding was to run a lightning strike to ground before it gets inside, and discounted the utility of a small gauge ground wires to handle that. I was v.v. wrong--grounding antennas is to dissipate the static electricity on an antenna mast that is caused by wind. The buildup of a static charge makes it much more likely that your antenna will *attract* a lightning strike... Not an area to fool with...
Whatever's cheap at the Shack used to be pretty good (1990).