Help...DVD problems (I think??)

Hi...I just purchased my first DVD player, and I have noticed several problems with my first two movies. There seems to be a graininess to the background (skies, walls, etc) and I also really noticed it on the white lettering during the opening credits (very distorted...if that's the word). I also occasionally notice some straight lines (window frames, hallway walls, etc) being "curved", but it doesn't happen in every scene or every shot (and it usually seems to happen in the top right hand corner). Are these common DVD problems? Are they problems with my player (Pioneer Elite DV-05), cable (Vampire S-Video), or TV (a 5 year old Mitsubishi 31")?? My player has gotten rave reviews, so I'm hoping it's a simple fix. Any suggestions or info will be much appreciated. Thanks. ( of the movies is nothing technically special, but the 2nd was a new DVD..."The Cradle Will Rock")
Try it out on another TV set. I have 4 different players and have not experienced this.
Also, make sure you don't have your speakers placed too close to the TV. This was a problem with my setup.
Sounds like speakers too close to the TV.
I disagree with the speaker being the problem here. Usually speakers that aren't shielded properly will cause distortion in the color - like casting a green or red tint in the area near the speaker. I would check the cable. Try the RCA outputs once and see if that changes anything. Sometimes those S-video cables have a problem with the "pins" breaking loose. Good luck.
It is definetely not the Pioneer DV-05.
Okay...I switched cables. I tried a different brand of S-Video cable and I also tried it with the regular video out, and both problems continue. My speakers are about two feet in front of the TV, not next to it (2-channel comes before home theater, I say...), and it's definitely not magnetic interference from the speakers. I guess that means it's the TV?? I thought Mitsubishi made good TVs? And I've hardly watched this one over the past 5 years. I'll try it on another TV. I'd love to hear about it if anyone ever had a problem like this before.
Sounds like the scan velocity modulator to me.
Back to one more thing I overlooked. The Sharpness control? Got a setup disc? It shows an example of the sharpness overused It will make a straight line bend.
The yoke inside you television receiver may be out of aligment when you moving the set. Most of the 31" and above are sensitive to the orientation the earth magnetic field so you may try to rotate the set to see if it is the problem.
I agree with the last post... I have a 3yr old Mits 36", and mine has a setting for the orientation of the TV set in relation to true north. It does make a difference with issues like you are describing. It is a slide switch on the front panel of the TV if equipped. If not, and moving the TV in a circle changes the effect of the problem, a qualified TV Repair tech can re-adjust your yoke for the proper orientation of the set. Make sure the set is adjusted in your home parallel to the viewing location. Try moving things around near your DVD and TV... Move your DVD further away from the set or other Audio equipment -- especially Amps. Try moving your AV signal cables away from other components and power cords. One of the other posts describes trying the RCA jacks for video, I would try that as well. The third thing I would try is set your color temp to "low", back off the contrast, brightness and color level on the TV set. My Mits has really "hot" color guns, and I wonder if the gun circuits aren't saturated at times. I have auditioned the player you have and the one I tried had none of these symptoms (but I already had my set adjusted for my Sony DVD). If adjustments to the TV set are the issue, and you are really into it like I am -- I have a macro set up in my Pronto remote to select my custom video settings for DVD on the TV set.
Here is another couple of things to try, if you already have not. Make sure the s-vid. cable is not touching 1-the floor 2-a power cable. What is the DVD plugged in to ? If it is plugged directly into the wall get a line conditioner. Also get a long extension cord and plug it into a completely circut like the bathroom there are usually no big appliances running off bathroom circuits. Good Luck
Okay...I tried the DV-05 on different TVs (including a 19"), and the problem is the same. It's not the cables, the output, or the TV, so I guess that means that it's my particular DV-05. I read about several problems on, but this wasn't one of them. I guess I got a unique kind of lemon.