Help catch me up, please.

For a while now I have not been keeping current on CD playback options. For Redbook CD's I've been using a Pioneer Elite changer with an EVS Millenium II DAC (I think I got the last one Ric made before he discontinued them). I'm using an Illuminations interconnect. Any thoughts on the Chord 64 DAC. I know it costs more than the EVS I have but I was curious if anyone has compaired the two units? Let me know what you think. The only reason I'm considering a new DAC is to renew my interest in my system. I have no complaints with the sound I'm getting now, just feel like a change. Thanks.
Sounds like you need to renew your interest in music. Sometimes a system change can spur that on, but I suggest you get out to some live concerts and then decide your priorities. Your thread bespeaks audio ennui.