Subwoofer:Totem Dreamcatcher Vs. Velodyne SPL-800R

Will be paired with Arros', I know the SPL will play louder but I'm wondering which will be more musical. Is the Room EQ on the SPL the same as the DD?

Both I can get for a really good deal, just deceiding is hard. Thanks
The SPL 800 is a serious sub that can do things many 18 inch powered subs out there cannot do. It was built and designed to be augmented for theater applications, not so much music although it can do a passable job there.

For the same price range, please look at the new Totem "Storm" sub. Vince is proud of this sub so I would expect it to perform very well in terms of stereo playback.

Also, the REL Q108 should be considered in this range.

NM, I am going with a REL Acoustics Stampede instead.