Help Cable is causing a Buzz/Hum in HomeTheatre Amp.

Hi All,
I have a Home Theatre with seperate components (Sony EP9ES and ATI 1505). I JUST installed cable and it is causing HUM in my system. I KNOW that is the source....when I disconnect the cable from the HDTV, the HUM stops. Do I need some type of filter?
If you isolate your television from the rest of your system, you should be okay. Mondail makes a product called the "M.A.G.I.C. Cable TV Isolator". They run about $100 and are supposed to work very well (I've never used one, but have read great things about them). You can obtain one through Audio Advisor. Good luck and happy listening.
Purchase two adapters one from 75 ohms to 300 and another to convert it back to 75. By placing them back to back there your cable comes out of the wall you will eliminate your problem.You can purchase the adapters at a local Radio Shack for a few bucks a piece.
Please refer to my archived threads on this subject; there are two easy solutions both of which have been applied successfully by members here.
You may just have a bad cable, or a cable not grounded properly for your intended use. Try another cable to see. Has happened to me.
xantech makes a piece called the ground breaker; model is about $7. this eliminates hum 99% of time;it has female f pin connectors on both ends.this can be a common problem-we get several calls a week on this ;and the xantech has had great success eliminating the hum.
If you must buy something from the store, use the $7 solution mentioned above. This is NOT a $100 problem!!! I just took a wire with an aligator clip on one end clipping it to the "shield" on the tv cable and connecting the other end to my power source ground (for me this is the case of my PS Audio power plant, but you can connect it to the ground on your wall socket if you don't have a power device.)
Thanks all for your input...problem solved.
And special thanks to Mg123!!! I fixed it with a spare piece (used one side) of 16ga. lampcord. Just attached one end to the ground screw, of the 2-way splitter that I was using, to send the cable signal to the VHS and the HDTV. Then the other to the wall socket, and ...TAAA DAAAHHH, NO HUM!!!! at NO COST and just a couple of minutes!
Thanks again to all for your suggestions!
Happy listening.
I had the same problem. I bought a Monster Cable HTS20000 and ran the cable into the power center then to the TV. This will take care of the hum and also protect your equipment from electrical surge.It comes with a $1000,000 connected equipment warranty. Good Luck! Joe
You can take off one of those zero's after the 1 for the warranty on the Monster Cable Power Center. Sorry about that! Joe