What is causing loud buzzing in Brio3

Bought Rega Brio3 amp about 6 years ago. After a year it started buzzing when I turned it on (inside unit). It would eventually go away and only occurred occasionally. Funny thing – I moved to a new house 2000 miles away, hooked up the system and it quit doing it. Now 3.5 years later it has started again and this time it is constant. It is quite loud. Any suggestions?

Not really a true audiophile, just enjoy good sounding music on good equipment so this is very annoying to me.

Jon Knights
Is the power transformer in the amp a toroidal?

It could be DC offset voltage on the mains.
This will cause the power transformer in the amp buzz loudly.

Causes of DC offset voltage on the line? Dimmers, low voltage lighting (lighting commonly used for upper kitchen cabinet lighting used to illuminate counter tops), cheap CFL lights, cheap 120V retrofit LED lights, multi wattage portable electric space heaters, hair dryers.