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I have Purchased several pieces and am very happy with them. I now would like to purchase a DAC but cant tell by the designations which AA dacs are the best. can someone tell me which are the top 2or3 thanks
The bigger the number the better the dac. The order from lowest to best goes approximately as follows: Dacman,Dac in the box, DDE V 1.0,1.1,2.0,3.0,Pro
Don't forget to budget for a good power supply. These devices, depending on the version, come with the "wall-wart" kinds. The higher number ones usually come with a Power Station 4 as standard. If you have any not utilizing at least the PS-4 look for a Power Station 2. The PS-2 can run three of these devices and is the BEST power supply AA made. The PS1 and PS3 aren't bad but I would use those to power only 1 piece of AA equipment. Oofda gave you a great model/price range! Enjoy! Tony
Check out the website. This is Mark Schifters (Alchemy founder) new company.
You might also consider Dusty Vawter at Channel Islands Audio. I believe Dusty was in charge of service at AA, and he should know what is "best." He also does mods for AA (I believe) & Channel Islands produces power supplies, among other audio accessories, which probably can be modified for AA. E-mail address in Soundstage! review: . No WWW address given.