Audio Alchemy DDP 1, Nad M12 or....?

I would like to ask for some guidance or help.

I sold my Wadia 381 as i was about to buy a dac with preamp inbuilt.
However, financial changes changed so money was not available for hifi related.

Today i use a simple usb dac, Yellowtec PUC2.
To be fair, i must say i don't expect this to be near the Wadia.

My system is minimalistic. I use Barefoot Sound Micromain 27, dedicated Sound anchors and PS Audio AC-12 mains. I don't remember the name of my cables. But i sold Wireworld Gold Eclipse ICs becuase i preferred these (no label name printed on them).
System is only running fully balanced!

I look for a dac/pre that accept USB.

I prefer a deep soundstange, not forward sounding.

I have been pondering Audio Alchemy DDP1 and NAD M12.
I have never had a chance to hear any of these.

So if anyone of you can share some insight or come with other ideas or tips, suggestions or so, it is appreciated.


I've had both. The Ddp-1 with PS-5 is a distinct step up in terms of dynamics, particularly attack, and a much more open treble. The NAD M51 is just a smidgen too creamy by comparison. Audio Alchemy preferred in every way.