Audio Alchemy DDP 1, Nad M12 or....?

I would like to ask for some guidance or help.

I sold my Wadia 381 as i was about to buy a dac with preamp inbuilt.
However, financial changes changed so money was not available for hifi related.

Today i use a simple usb dac, Yellowtec PUC2.
To be fair, i must say i don't expect this to be near the Wadia.

My system is minimalistic. I use Barefoot Sound Micromain 27, dedicated Sound anchors and PS Audio AC-12 mains. I don't remember the name of my cables. But i sold Wireworld Gold Eclipse ICs becuase i preferred these (no label name printed on them).
System is only running fully balanced!

I look for a dac/pre that accept USB.

I prefer a deep soundstange, not forward sounding.

I have been pondering Audio Alchemy DDP1 and NAD M12.
I have never had a chance to hear any of these.

So if anyone of you can share some insight or come with other ideas or tips, suggestions or so, it is appreciated.