Hegel or Ayre

Looking to get a new integrated amp and the Ayre AX-7e and Hegel H100 are on the short list.

I’d appreciate any input on these including reliability and customer service.

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My Ayre gear is built better than my Rowland gear.
My Hegel is built like a tank, and their customer service has been outstanding. but the units tend to be very reliable, and they don't just release new models unless there is a true improvement.
Both companies make fine gear...
No body mentioned how "my nicely tank build gear sounds"?
"11-29-14: Mjniz31
No body mentioned how "my nicely tank build gear sounds"?"

The OP didn't ask.
My Hegel single stereo amp sounds outstanding, since you asked, clearly besting my pair of Bryston 28sst's running in mono configuration. It provides great bass control, fine nuanced details, air, and great sound stage. In my rig, it performs very well, and I'm pleased at its price point, not looking to change anything for a long time...Hope that helps.
My system is all Ayre, and aside from the very occasional update, has been perfect for years.