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Free $3K preamp to lucky listener who names it
Need Advice on a Low End CD Player Giant Killer
I own a OPPO-105 now and used to have a OPPO-95 also. go for used OPPO-95, will get excellent sound. 
which 2.1 audio system for the PC.
I am still researching, how is Audioengine A5+ Vs Focal XS2.1, which way I should go? 
Hegel or Ayre
No body mentioned how "my nicely tank build gear sounds"? 
Do I need a subwoofer? Which brand and model?
I have OPPO BDP-105 , I think you will be happy with HSU-VTF15H. I am very happy with this. 
Advise Needed For USB Cable 5m Long For OPPO 105
Thank you for your great opinions, I have got the Transparent usb cable 20 feet long, hopefully will work well with the oppo 105 dac. thanks again.Now I have to look for a hdmi v1.4 5m long. let me help to find that. thanks again bye. 
Has anyone bought the OPPO 105 and has an opinion
I have OPPO 105 and love it, it sounds wonderful and I am done. 
Audioengine D3
I owned both Dragonfly v1.2 and Audioengine D3 , burned them and compared them with all respect, my audition selected audioengine D3 and DF is returned, SQ is close to the analogish finish, bass is more define than the pc sound card. 
Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i
hi,I respect all of you guys,no body is arrogant ...etc.Actually in 1995 my brother gifted me that music system and was shipped from USA to my previous home country and now I live in USA since 2000, that my system is only in use when I go there fo... 
Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i
Really appreciate you all the guys, I have oppo 105 and my speakers are Technics SB-A55.and also I have HSU VTF 15H sub.i want kind a kind of musical,rich, bright( no cheap brightness that creates fatigue), dynamic. I don't like dull and laid back... 
Hegel h300 or Modwrkw200 or Music Fidelity M6500i
Thankyou Maxboy00......I will consider. 
Hegel h300 or Modwrkw200 or Music Fidelity M6500i
no one bothered to answer vow? busy world! 
Hegel H300
Hello there, the equipment I have right now is oppo 105 connected to my vintage Technics Su- G95 integrated amp/receiver,speakers I have Technics SB-A55,also I have HSU-VTF 15H Sub.i have researched a lot and finally reached to buy a integrated am... 
Krell or Bryston 4SST2
Actully i have my old system Technics SU-G95...purchase in 1996...and still in mint condition....but now the time is up to upgrade, so looking for the options...looking for a nice amp around $5000...will buy at Audiogon probably, any used one in g...