Heeeelp New used BAT Vxi3 - Hisssssssss

ok, this cant be normal. I hooked up my new to me but used BAT. XLR from preamp to amp, but using singled ended from CD to Preamp.

I start it up and im getting a rather loud hiss. Volumn independent. It says constant and is the same on all inputs regardless if anything is hooked up or not.

Is this normal. It cant be!
Oops Vk-3ix - my mistake there

So I switched out the stock tubes and dropped in the Mullards that came separately with the unit and the hiss stopped.

But now some wierd things are happening the new tubes (I say new they have 50 hours on the according to the previous owner):

1. I hear this ding - ding - ding when the preamp is just started lasts about 3 min. Its supper faint but its coming through the speakers. It almost sounds like very soft bells.

2. The bells go away then i start hearing a crackling noise from both speakers that's faint and doesnt go up with volume. Once a few minutes go by it only come out the left speake and the right speaker seems normal. I switched the tubes and the crackling switched sides.

3. There is a louder hiss from the left speaker than the right, though not nearly as loud as the stock hiss and it can't be heard from sitting position.

Could tubes go bad thru the shipping process?
Hi, that's a tube...
If the problem follows the tube when you move it, I would have to say the tube is bad. Also, in line 3, it sounds like there is a hiss, as well, that is not following the tube. If that’s the case, I would check the settings on the components. You may have to switch between single ended and balanced operation. Make sure that both channels are set to either SE or BAL, and definitely try both settings. Also, you need to make sure that your cables are balanced, as well, and don't just have an XLR connector.
Yeah, tubes warming up can be strange sounding. usually the recommendation is to mute the output for a few minutes at turn on.
It is normal.
And glad your initial problem was just bad tubes.
Agree with Jfrech - it's a tube (or tubes in the case of the other set). I just retubed my VK-3i with NOS tubes from Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio and it sounds wonderful. I got 4 Phillips platinum grade PCC88/7DJ8's for $35 each and 2 Pope 6V6GT's at $49 each.

I'm sure other reputable tube sellers are good too but Kevin has always been very helpful. - Dick
Im a little confused. Which part is normal, the ringing at startup or the crackling. Because the crackling can be easily heard in soft passages even after a half hour of play. That can't be normal can it.
The BAT mutes the output for 50 seconds at startup to avoid the problem Elizabeth mentions. The crackling is not normal. I get a slight hiss coming from the tubes but I can only hear it if I put my ear next to the tweeter. It's not volume-dependent, I can't hear it from my listening position and I certainly can't hear it over music.

You mention that the replacement tubes are nearly new. Do you know where the previous owner purchased them?

It sounds like it may only be one tube. You could identify it by swapping one pair of tubes at a time from left to right. When the noise moves, you've found your bad tube. The problem will be to find a matched tube as a replacement. I'd opt for replacing all of the tubes at once. That way you know exactly what you've got and how long they've been used. Everybody has a different idea of "expensive" but I just retubed for less than $250 and my last set from Kevin lasted well over 5 years. - Dick
The previous owner did send me a receipt which showed the testing data and where he got them from. But since I purchased used from him I'm not sure what I should do about contacting the seller of the tubes.
Hi tubes can have issues even though it measures ok. I agree with the poster above, if the issue is in one channel, swap tubes (turn off first!! And maybe let cool down a bit). If the noise moves, it's that tube for sure.

This is also normal for tube lovers-tubes can act funny occasionally, especially after shipping or power off/on...

Sometimes it can be a dirty tube socket (the ringing however hints at a bad tube)
Preamp and Phono tubes, because of the gains involved, should always be tested/certified, "Low Noise", "Preamp", "Platinum Grade", etc. Hiss(tube rush) may result otherwise. The other mentioned noises, during play or warm-up, are not normal and indicate problem tubes. Often one can locate the errant tube easily, by tapping gently with a pencil eraser. there are many tube testers that do not apply full operating voltage to a tube being tested, or only test for transconductance, shorts and gas. Internal circuit problems often will not become apparent, until the tube is actually in use.
The max gain of the Parasound is probably higher than ideal for the pre-amp, so try turning it down via the gain knobs on the back of the amp (nice feature!).

Speaking for myself, it's OK if I can discern the hiss at the listening position when flipping the mute switch on and off, but I don't want to be made consciously aware of it, if that makes sense.

The audibly crackling tube needs to be replaced if the noise persists.

BAT ships the basic 3iX with very quiet Electro-Harmonix 6922EH tubes (these also come in a version with gold pins, which I don't have any opinion about). Mine also shipped with J/J 6V6 tubes (the 2 bigger ones). I'm not sure how much the 6V6 contribute to the hiss.

"The Tube Store" has a convenient 3iX tube replacement package with all Electro-Harmonix tubes for $90.

You could also try Jim McShane (mcshanedesign.net), who has a very good reputation with tube users. Explain your situation, and he can select the quietest tubes for you.