Heard the Audio Physic Padua?

Wondering if anyone has heard the Audio Physic Padua? Looking for some comments.

If I am looking for a warm, melodious sounding speaker without losing the Audio Physic imaging and detail, are there others in this price range ($5K)that I should audition?

Thanks for your help.
I've heard them. Nice speaker. Smaller sounding than the Virgo which can be found used for 50% of the retail cost of
the Padua. That would be the way to go. Good luck.

Thanks for your response! I heard that Padua has the same tweeter as the Yara which is supposed to sound a little more airy and warmer than the other Audio Physic speakers. Did you notice a difference in the tweeter sound between the Padua and Virgo? or do they sound pretty much the same..with the Virgo possessing a bigger sound?

Appreciate your response.
The Yara and Padua are very good speakers. The Virgo is a great speaker. The other two are simply not in the same class. The only better Audio Physic, in my opinion, is the Avanti III which replaced my Virgos. I can't respond to your tweeter question.
Thanks very much again! Very useful comments.
I listened to them today at Sound by Singer in Manhattan. BAt VK 250 amp, Mus. Fid. TriVista pre, and MF DAC 21 plus MF transport. VERY nice indeed!!! Great imaging, no glare, good bass- that "you are there" feeling at a price that won't break the bank. Virgo's better? Maybe but at this level you are nit picking. Like good wine, beyond a certain level it becomes a matter of personal preference. They are NOt Avanti IIIs but then they cost 10K less. That can buy alot of fine wine!!!

I've heard the Padua a few times with Vac Avatar super, and Symphonic Line cdp. I didn't like the sound and I think the Padua's aren't good speakers (the Yara, Virgo III and Avanti III are great speakers). The tonal balance was a little thin and bright, detail was good, imaging and soundstage was 3D.
In the $5K price range, you should audition Dynaudio Contour S3.4, Alon Lotus Elite, B&W 803N, JMlab 936, Kef R203, ProAc D25 and Thiel CS 2.4.