Audio Physic Virgo II's VS Audio Physic Padua

What happened to the Padua's? Were they replaced by the Scorpio's because they were not up to scratch? How do they fair against the Virgo II's? Thanks.
Buy the Virgos used, have a better speaker, and save a bunch of money.

not long sold my virgo 2 and replaced them with the padua. A better speaker, especially the bass which is a lot tighter.
The padua is like a mini avanti (same drive units) and the scorpio that replaced the padua has the drive units used in the cheaper sparks etc....
I don`t know why they discontinued the Padua, maybe cost? A lot of speaker for the money, and build is slightly better than the virgo 2.
I think it is because it wasn't selling.

I believe cost was a factor too. I just ordered a replacement tweeter and 2 screens direct for just under $400.00 cost. You know these companies. The engineering guys aren't in the least bit cost conscience and neither are the marketing guys who get the company name out there. Now come the bean counters who do not have a clue. It is their time to rule. Raise prices in a market that is getting soft. Price resistance, what do you mean? Marketing guys suggest a name or model change because they just received their new pay plans and the engineers are sent a directive claiming their competitors bottom line is so much better that thy ned to find way to cut without to much compromise. Next the bean counter will be stripped of his powers after a regime change because they have lost a big chunk of market penetration.
can`t understand why it didnt sell well, its a stunner! As i said, the virgo at £1k more didnt justify the leap between the padua and the virgo to these ears, i owned the virgo 2 before the padua.. The padua sounds as good in everyway, a bit cleaner in the treble ( abit like the virgo 2 compared to the 3) and superior drive units compared to the scorpio. (padua uses avanti midrange, whereas the scorpio uses the sparks).
The Audio Physic US rep told me that the Scorpio has completely redesigned, brand new drive units. He said that the sound of the Scorpio was better than even the older Avantis? Have you actually compared your Padua to the Scorpios? Curious to find out...Thanks.